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Unicrest U2 Upper Jaggy is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Orpheus O2 & Unicrest U2 Dual Pack.

Energy Layer - Unicrest U2

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Unicrest U2 is a round Energy Layer designed for Defense that features ten blades. Nine of these blades are made up of clear plastic and make up the "mane" of the Layer, which are smooth, compact, and are positioned in a manner that is meant to deflect attacks, while the tenth one is made of colored plastic and is molded into the shape of a horn, meant to represent the Layer's Japanese namesake; the mythical Unicorn; its face featured in the center looking to the left. Unlike most Layers of the Dual Layer System, Unicrest U2 features a gimmick; it can counterattack the opponent.

Unlike the nine blades of the Layer's mane, the horn is shaped differently; in a much thinner manner and rests at a much higher angle than the rest of the blades. This creates a sizable gap that, in theory, is meant to provide Smash Attack to Burst the opponent and/or drain their Stamina. However, in practice, the angle and direction of the horn is ill-suited for such a purpose, and instead creates a point of recoil that becomes more recoil heavy when off balance. This in turn, drains Unicrest U2's Stamina.

This problem is further exacerbated for the Takara Tomy release of Unlock Unicorn, teeth wise; which are very short and weak. While they are capable of withstanding the low recoil provided by the Layer's mane, the recoil provided by the gap the horn creates makes Unlock Unicorn very prone to losses by Burst.

While the weight distribution of Unlock Unicorn does grant Stamina potential, this does little to compensate for the recoil and issues with its weak teeth.

Forge Disc - Upper

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Upper features two sloped metal wings that, in theory, provide Upper Force in Right-Spin and Down Force in Left-Spin. However, in practice, the low angle and short width of the wings makes any Upper or Down Force effect negligible. Furthermore, Upper is light in weight, lower than the more popular choices for Stamina; 4 and 7, making its KO resistance sub-par compared to the aforementioned Discs.

Performance Tip - Jaggy

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Jaggy is a Performance Tip that features a flat, eight-pointed star tip with a depression in the center. Due to this Performance Tip's shape and surface area, Jaggy will create a moderately aggressive movement pattern with speeds faster than that of Accel. However, the rough perimeter of Jaggy will make it difficult to maintain a Banking Pattern while also heavily reducing Stamina in the process.



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