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This article is about the Takara release. For the Hasbro release, see Wolborg 3.

Uriel (アリエル, Arieru) or Wolborg 03 (ウルボーグ03, Urubōgu 03) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara as part of the Magnacore System. It was released in Japan in February 2002 as a CoroCoro Comic exclusive.

As Uriel, it is succeeded by Uriel 2. As Wolborg 03, it is the successor to Wolborg 2 and is succeeded by Wolborg 4 in the toyline.

Bit Chip - Uriel

Main article: Bit Chip - Uriel

Attack Ring - Cross Horn

Main article: Attack Ring - Cross Horn
  • Weight: 4.3 grams

Cross Horn is a four-winged Attack Ring which bears a heavy resemblance to Turtle Survivor (Master Dranzer/Metal Draciel).

Each wing is preceded by a counterclockwise-facing ram's head design, and compared to Smash Turtle, the heads on Cross Horn are much more smoothly curved, and connect fully to the wings behind them. The tips of each wing are large and rounded, greatly reducing their Smash Attack in right spin compared to the much sharper Turtle Survivor, and despite its smoother profile (particularly in left spin), the size of these protrusions means they protrude past even Wide Survivor to a significant degree, creating an amount of Recoil and rendering it less effective for Zombie customization, to the point it is outclassed by even second-tier Zombie ARs such as Wing Upper and Bearing Gyros AR.

While the sturdier design makes the black versions significantly less fragile than Turtle Survivor, the availability of much more common and effective parts like Scissor Attacker and Tiger Defenser means there is little reason to use such a rare part.

Weight Disk - Revolver Attack

Main article: Weight Disk - Revolver Attack
  • Weight: 15 grams

Spin Gear - NEO Right SG

Main article: Spin Gear - NEO Right SG

NEO Right Spin Gears are upgraded versions of the Right Spin Gears and allow for right spin with any chosen core. They have hollowed out centres meaning these Spin Gears have interchangeable cores (can be used with different types of Cores) including the Magnecore. However, Gimmick Spin Gears cannot be switched out for NEO Spin Gears as the Blade Base for Gimmick Spin Gears are often made for exclusive use with them. Beyblades with Gimmick Spin Gear can utilise the Magnacore System by mounting the Magnetic Weight Disk though.

Core - Magnecore (South Pole)

Main article: Core - Magnecore (South Pole)
  • Weight: 6 grams

South Pole Magnecore is a magnetic core that repels magnets in a BeyStadium, increasing attack strength and speed, as a Beyblade will move more irregularly and unpredictably.

Blade Base - SG Grip Base

Main article: Blade Base - SG Grip Base
  • Weight (Base): 4.8 grams
  • Weight (Tip): 2.7 grams

SG Grip Base is best described as a mirrored version of Dragoon V's Magne Flat Base, with the wings and their segments on the Base Clips being reversed. In addition to this, the shaft section of the Base is widened slightly to allow the tip to spin relatively freely, though this is slightly hampered by the grip of the tip inside the Base. It does however allow Magne Flat Base's tip to spin fairly freely, albeit with some slight wobbling issues.

The other very notable change is the tip: SG Grip Base is the only V-Series Blade Base to include a rubber tip, albeit a rather hard one. The tip strongly resembles that of Magne Flat Base, though it replaces the magnet with a non-magnetised metal piece with a shaft designed to be inserted into a Magnecore to more directly connect that magnetism to the stadium surface. The tip itself is quite small, and while it creates some moderate attack movement, it is heavily outclassed by the much faster tip of Customize Grip Base. In addition to this, while it spins somewhat freely and is passive enough to be used for Defense purposes, it lacks the bearing support of Wolborg 2's SG (Bearing Version 2), and being a rubber tip, this means it has very little Survival. As such, despite being the heaviest tip compatible with most Bases, it sees little use.

The Base itself suffers from the same issue as Magne Flat Base, in essence, the much more versatile Customize Grip Base outclasses it for most uses. The only advantage it holds over Customize Grip Base is its ability to hold Customize Grip Base's tip with Dranzer V's unique Magnecore, which allows the tip to sit higher in the Base, negating the height issues it suffers otherwise. While this causes Customize Grip Base to scrape, SG Grip Base, like Magne Flat Base, suffers no such issues. This, and the lack of a good alternative, makes SG Grip Base the prime choice for this relatively uncommon customization, which is its only notable competitive use, though even here, it is outclassed by Grip Base.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

  • AR: Cross Griffon (Griffolyon)
  • WD: Wide Defense
  • SG: Neo Right SG
  • SG Core: South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)
  • BB: SG Grip Base (Wolborg 03 (Uriel))
  • Tip: Customize Grip Base Tip (Dragoon V2)

This customization capitalizes on the lower height provided by the Spin Gear and Tip Combination, allowing Cross Griffon to work much more effectively than it would on Customize Grip Base itself. At this height, Cross Griffon easily makes contact with opponents, and combined with the speed of the tip, delivers devastating hits. Wide Defense's external distribution promotes fast movement and its weight is enough to control any Recoil produced. While not quite as effective as Grip Base, this is still one of the better combinations for Cross Griffon, and a very powerful Smash Attack combination overall.

Other Versions

  • Wolborg 03 (Uriel) Black Version - Event Limited recolor, black with red tip.
  • Wolborg 3 - Hasbro release with Wolborg Bit Chip, black with white tip.



Wolborg 03 (Uriel) - Original Version

Wolborg 03 (Uriel) - Black Version


  • Both Uriel and Wolborg 03 Bit Chip stickers are included in its releases.
  • This Beyblade's product name is "Wolborg 03 (Uriel)". Depending on the Bit Chip sticker adhered to the product, the Beyblade is referred to as Uriel or Wolborg 03.
  • While the Katakana of the Japanese name translates to "Ariel", the official English name given by Takara is "Uriel", as seen in the instructions and the sticker sheet.
    • This is likely due to the Uriel figure in Judaism and Christianity likewise being spelled "Auriel" due to linguistic differences.
    • English fans have long called this Beyblade "Ariel", and as such it has become a common colloquial name, along with Uriel 2 (Ariel 2).
  • The original gold colored Takara release of Uriel suffers from a condition known as Gold Plastic Syndrome, rendering it extremely fragile. This condition is the result of weaknesses in the gold plastic the Beyblade is made of. As such, it is strongly recommended not to use the gold parts of the original release.
  • Uriel was originally released by Takara in gold with a red tip, as a CoroCoro Magazine exclusive Limited Edition Beyblade, and later released the Black Version as an event exclusive recolor.
    • Hasbro later released a black recolor of Uriel under the name "Wolborg 3" in the Beyblade GRevolution toyline, though it came with a Metal Weight Core and a white tip rather than the red of its Takara counterpart.