About me

I was a fan of Beyblade in 2001-2003.

I used to work at an old HTML website and was a member of a couple of the very old communities. I left the fandom when the original anime stopped and everyone believed it was over.

I know a lot about the first years of Beyblade, but nothing after 2003, I will only add information surrounding this and will only edit existing information on other pages since I can't add anything.

I used to own some beyblades, I played a number of the GBC and GBA games and know roughly a number of things about the first few beyblades. As you guessed, I'm an adult, Beyblade was 15 years ago for me, so I am no longer 100% sound on everything. I will true my best, but I will make mistakes as I have to refresh my memory on things.

Also I am dyslexic so... Sorry about the poor grammar and spelling...

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