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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Beyblader
  • I am Male

Me (lol i wish)

I like the beyblades from the Maximum Series!

I have always thought the beyblades that make up Team Starbreaker are interesting and have spent alot of time buying them. Screw Capricorne 90MF, Basalt Horogium 145WD, Flame Byxis 230WD, Killer Beafowl UW145EWD and Hell Kerbecs BD145DS have always helped me win many important battles and I use the wiki a lot to find more information about other awesome beys. I think it would be great to share some of my information as well.

Beyblade Fanon Wiki.

My friend and teamate on this wiki RayUnicorno.No.Fan posts all my Fanon beyblades in his account on Beyblade Fanon Wiki if you want to see them there. We are the Hidden Bladers.

MgF Ultimate Angel MD145BPS

Ultimate Angel has always been my dream beyblade and its basic purpose is to deliver fierce, savave attacks while maintaining an extremely high level of stamina. I'ts spin track is Magnetic Disk and it's Performance Tip is Ball Point Sharp. The way it works is the Magnetic Disk is attracted to the other beys metal wheel causing it to chase after the other bey, if another bey was using this spin track it's stamina would be greatly reduced due to the performance tip being dragged across the stadium floor. But Ultimate Angel has the Ball Point Sharp which is just like the tip of pen (only the tip is wider) allowing the bey to have absolutely no grip on the stadium floor allowing it to roll after the other bey using the Magnetic Disk without losing any stamina. This means Ultimate Angel is a balance type bey. Much like the Boost Disk the Magnetic Disk can be flipped revealing three spikes which sticks into the Ultimate wheels core pushing the Metal Frame which is shaped like to big angels wings onto a special ball bearing disk on the core allowing it to become self-rotating, this allows Ultimate Angel to maintain even higher levels of attack and stamina. This is known as Ultimate mode. Ultimate Angel has no PC Frame and a special face bolt made out of magnetic materials and is reffered to as MgF. It's parts that aren't made out of magnetic material are a brilliant translusent white with glitter inside to create a glittering affect while spinning. It's special move is when the wings of the Ultimate wheel (while in Ultimate mode) are attracted to Magnetic Disk causing them to spin around on the bearing disk on the core making them spin extremely fast resulting in them delivering extreme attack power. If in the anime series while doing this Ultimate Angel spins around the other bey creating a powerful magnetic field holding it in place, Ultimate Angel then soars up into the sky. Everything goes silent as the beast Angel appears revealing a sleek powerful sword. Angel then strikes the magnetic field shattering it and the bey inside. Unfortunately to perform this special move angel has to charge up and can't move or do anything for a long period of time making Angel temporarily vunerable. This special move is called Aura of Destiny and can be performed on more than one bey, crunching them together into a single scrap piece of metal before being destroyed. Ultimate Angel can control metal giving it the ability to shape it's environment, disguise itself and completely distroy a bey instantly, it can also attract and repel other beys and fly by repelling itself from the Earths core making it almost impossible to lose by a stadium out. Its milder special move Magnetic Control gives it complete control over metal. It is the Ultimate Bey, because of what lurks inside of it......

Final Lute P:D?!

Ultimate Angel isn't what it seems, it is accually Final Lute P:D, the ultimate beyblade of darkness and destruction which in legend has the essence of Satan inside of it. Along time ago when this bey was first created it was completely invincible and could not be beaten. But then all the beybladers of the world gave their power to the strongest blader at that time who strangly enough owned a Pegasus. The mysterious blader fought with all his might but even with all his new power he could not defeat Final Lute, so instead using all the power from the spirits of amazing bladers around the world to defeat Final Lute, he decided to place a blocking curse on Final Lute which transformed it into MgF Ultimate Angel which would contain it's powers and disguise it from power hungry, evil beybladers. This bey was then passed down through a family of very skilled bladers as a present from father to son until one day a blader would be born strong enough to defeat the horrifying evil power hidden in the seemly normal family heirloom bey, MgF Ultimate Angel MD145BPS. The lute face bolt looks like a pair of two evil eyes encrusted a lute being held by none other than Satan. The clear wheel is a deep souless black and is covered in twisting shadow-like mustical notes entwining themselves around the face bolt. The final wheel is a fairly round, thick but sharp metal wheel which is so smooth that when it is struck by another bey the other bey just slips off. But the Metal Frame can be flipped so the metal wheel folds out giving the bey extreme attack power. This is called Final Mode. The PC Frame is designed to have a timing mechanism it so you can chose the time frame betwwen the times you want Final Lute to change modes during a battle. The performance tip Perish Drive is the ultimate performance tip because it is like an Ipod. You can download various songs onto it and the type of performance tip which is prodruded from the Perish Drive is dependant on the mood of the song. Fast/Intense Music = Attack, Relaxing/Calm Music = Stamina, Bold/Defiant Music = Defence, Music which can not be decided on = Balance.

Ability: Infinite Potential, Lute can change it's performance tip to any possible performance tip (even Fanon beys).

Minor Special Move: Perish Distortion, Lute releases a beam of unescapable raw energy that distorts the other bey changing it's parts (ref choses).

Major Special Move: Aura of Destruction, it's basically the same as Aura of Destiny only it's is infinitely stronger and is performed by Lute in Final mode.

XD!!! i hope i can get it registerred! :D

Flowing Tidus GD145VWD

Flowing Tidus is one of my most treasured beyblade ideas, Tidus is designed to be the ultimate defence type bey. The clear wheel is a smooth ocean blue wirlpool and the facebolt has Neptune the god of the sea holding a huge, detailed scepter on a light shiny blue background. The Flowing wheel is basically a huge group of upwards facing sceptors overlapping each other. This wheel can be swithched to Flowing Mode by flipping the Metal Frame and placing it over the core, which gives the sceptors suspension alowing them to absorb shock from enemy beyblades. Its track Grip Disk 145 is a disk with ball bearings underneath that sticks out way beyond the fusion wheel so if hit the disk grips the ground making Tidus immovable. Its performance tip Vanishing Wide Defence is a basic wide defence performance tip only it can be folded up and hidden allowing Tidus to spin on the ball bearings of it spin track giving it unbelievable defence and stamina. Flowing Tidus special move is called Diety Depth Charge where its performance tip folds in and it spins on its track submerging everything underwater slowing the enemy bey down, it then turns on its side while in Flowing Mode and charges the other bey with the whole force of Neptune behind it, it completely obliterates the other bey then sucks all the water back into itself.

My Beyblades.

  • Quetzalcoatl 90WF(Silver ver.)

  • Storm Pegasus 105RF

  • Dark Bull H145SD

  • Rock Aries ED145B

  • Poison Serpent S145SD

  • Killer Geminos DF145FS

  • Lightning L Drago 100HF

  • Earth Virgo GB145BS

  • Rock Orso D125B

  • Burn Phoenix 135MS

  • Flame Libra T125ES

  • Thermal Pisces T125ES

  • Dark Wolf DF145FS

  • Storm Capricorn M145Q

  • Rock Scorpio T125JB

  • Earth Eagle 145WD

  • Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F

  • Ray Unicorno D125CS

  • Thermal Lacerta WA130HF

  • Rock Giraffe R145WB

  • Grand Ketos WD145RS

  • Tornado Heracleo 105F

  • Screw Capricorn 90MF

  • Flame Byxis 230WD

  • Killer Beafowl UW145EWD

  • Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

  • L Drago Destroy F:S

  • Jade Jupiter S130RB

  • Phantom Orion B:D

  • Diablo Nemesis X:D

My Brothers Beyblades (Besides the ones I own).

Rock Leone 145WB

Storm Aquario 105HF/S

Vulcan Horuseus 145D

Gravity Perseus AD145WD

Meteo L Drago LW105LF

Meteo L Drago 105RF (Rush Mode)

Meteo L Drago 85XF (Assault Mode)

Big Bang Pegasus F:D

Fang Leone 130W2D

Variares D:D

Blitz Unicorno 105RSF


I have loved beyblades from ever since I was little, I used to have all of the BladeBreakers beyblades and a Black Dranzer. I wasn't as interested as I am now so I quickly forgot. But about a year ago I saw the metal saga on TV and was instantly hooked. Me and my little brothers each bought a beyblade each which took two weeks to reach Australia. Me a Lightning L Drago, my 11 year old brother Jonah got Storm Pegasus and my 9 year old brother Sasha got Storm Aquario. We were so excited when the metal saga beyblades were being released in Australia and me and my brothers kept buying beyblades from Australia and overseas we have made sure to see every episode including the old series featuring Tyson Granger. My friends and some of my family think beyblades are stupid but I haven't given up. My favourite characters are Ryuga, Damian Hart and Toby (mostly becuase we share the same name but I prefer his alter ego Faust). I have become very experienced and are willing to share the things I've learnt and contribute to this wiki. I use Beyblade Wiki all the time to keep up to date with the new releases. I am apart of the Hidden Bladers.

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naruto is one of my many obsessions apart from beyblade

Awesome People.

lol some people i'm friends with.

RayUnicorno (Teamate).

4everNura. (Teamate).

TsubasaOtoriFan. (Possible Teamate).

Gingka and Co.


Beyblader 4543.

ReconStrike Commando.




These guys are awesome to be around, you should meet them!

Pictures of our beys.

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