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About me

Hi there! Im Beymaniac505. I am a major fan of Beyblade.

I have been around for quite some time and really enjoyed it here. My favorite Beyblade is Beat Lynx TH170WD and my favorite character is Jack. I'm a blader in Fanon and owns Blizzard Delphius S145M2B. I am also a user in The Gundam Wikia and Bleach wiki but I use different users.


I made many friends since joining this wiki:

  • Gingka & Co.
  • Oishij123:
  • TyphlosionMaster1:
  • AsanInferno799:
  • Haze Shehzad Abbasi:
  • ReconStrike Commando
  • Desboy96
  • Titi & Co.
  • Blade0886
  • Maxie4ossie
  • 4everNura
  • And many more...


Favourite Pages

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