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—Pierce to Pierce

Hello, <insert name here/> .

My name is Pierce (ピアース) and I enjoy Beybladeing and watching the anime. I really got into beyblade when it returned in 2009 and I watched and enjoyed the anime. I got two beys as my first. They were a recolor L-Drago and Earth Wolf. After joining this wiki I really got into beyblade more than ever. I have many beys and I love to battle. No matter what I will always enjoy beyblade. I will always strive to do my best on this wiki.

My Goals for this Wiki

  • Make 50 edits Beginner
  • Make 100 edits Professional Beginner
  • Make 300 edits Amateur
  • Make 450 edits Professional Amateur
  • Make 600 edits Amateur Professional
  • Make 850 edits Professional Professional
  • Make 1000 edits Beyblade Wiki Master
  • Make 1250 edits Amateur Beyblade Wiki Master
  • Make 1500 edits Professional Amateur Beyblade Wiki Master
  • Make 1750 edits Amateur Professional Beyblade Wiki
  • Make 1800 edits Professional Professional Beyblade Wiki Master
  • Make 2000 edits Super Beyblade Wiki Master

My Life Story

I was born. I guess that's it.

My Signature

Leave me a message Ldddrago.pngDragon EmperorLdddragoo.png Look at my contributions

My Beys

This a list of the beys I own. They are:

My Favorite Beyblades from MFB

My Favorite Characters from MFB

This a list of my favorite characters. They are my favorites because they are the best set of characters the anime has had.

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