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  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Cricketer
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Come on Typh, stop the water in your eye.

—STOP IT xDDD!, Flash1234

Hello, my username is Flash1234 and I am not the biggest you call fan of Beyblade.

If you want, you can call me Flash, Twisted or Chrome. If you have any special names to call me, please send me them on chat in PM; although I would not and will not have any tolerance of those who start mocking and being very ill-mannered. As they will be reported by an administrator.

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Galaxy - Galaxy is my BFOWF meaning Best Friend on Wikia forever. He's awesome and cool!

Synchro - Funny, entertaining, helps. There are very good qualities of Synchro, he just remains like a role model.

Haze - I just met Haze on chat, he is very nice. Nicer than I thought.

~Mana~ -

Desboy96 - He is one of my friends that I made recently and like Gingka, Mana and Ed, he helps the wiki and extremely helpful. He's also an fantastic editor.

Kushan Lahiri - Kushan is a very good mate, you should meet him on Wikia. He's just like all my other friends.

The Bey God - He's got fantastic maturity, because when I had to kick him of the team on Beyblade Fanon; since I found someone else stronger. He said "Okay, well I understand my kick and hope you guys succeed!" If you read that message, now you know how mature he is. That's why I like to be his buddy :)!

Maniac - Beymaniac is strong, kind hearted, funny, helps and overall the perfect best friend.

Spice - Spice is kind and contributes quite well. He helps me and we've got each others backs.

Jasper - Jasper also makes awesome avatars like Gingka, he likes Tsubasa, Ryuga and Kyoya like me. He also likes ghosts, dark things. etc.

Kadoya Masamune - What can I say? Masamune fan, funny, lightens chat. He's kinda like me too.

SkyRocketBolt - Bolt is one of the shy, and :| people. Also he can be a bit random, saying weird things on chat. But sometimes he can be loud and and make people joke around, xDDDD!

Dusk - He's really cool, awesome and scary. Confused sometimes, and that's the part I really laugh about!

Trent8513 - Trent is a really nice friend, he has argued with me many times but that's only made our friendship stronger.

Typhlosion - Well, what should I say about Typhlosion? He's just one of my perfect best friends. Always stands by my side and nothing else, really.

Recon - Recon is strict but helps all around the wiki.

Blade - Blade is a part of my team on Fanon, and a part to mention is that he's always there for you.

Dragon Emperor Pierce - He thinks he's an Emperor but when he says that I go WTF are you talking about? Confused, huh? xD!

Aguma - Aguma and I like Cheese!

Aura aka Lindz - She gives me a very warm welcome when I come to chat, and cheers me up if I'm sad.

Ana - Ana is extremely funny, LMFAO! I completely laugh my head off when she comes to chat. It's just too funny I can't help it!

Hikaru - One of my recently made friends, cool and stupid at times but in a good way. xDDDD!

Beybladerspirit29 - She is a.... EDIT MANIAC! xD! Well, she helps the wiki in alot of ways, I'll go to bed if I keep explaining/telling you her ways.

Gingka and Co. - Gingka is just really awesome! Like awesome because she makes such great avatars! If you need an avatar, ask the one and only, Gingka and Co.! She and I have been buddies for quite a while now.

Stardust - She is new, one of my recent friends. We don't know each other as much but we've had a start.

Maxie - Maxie's very nice, though I had a fight with her on Facebook before but now we're friends. :)

WWC - Um... Well I go to his wiki and he's nice. Not much I can say.

Legend - Nothing much to say about Legend either, he's just kind.

Zero - Founder of Drone Wars Wiki, other awesome stuff etc.

Sponge - Nothing to say but we are just BFF's.

Fusion - Fusion is the coolest person I ever met, like seriously :D

To be added, please ask me on my message wall or chat.

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Assualt Flash1234's favourite beyblade is Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Assualt 85XF
GingkaSleep This user loves sleeping.
TwistedTempo This users favourite beyblade type is Defense.
Cricket This users favourite sport is Cricket.

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