aka E'san

  • I live in Providence
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is being to AWESOME!!!
  • I am male

"Hello Everybody I'm Gladiatormaster12"                                                                                                                                                                                           I love collecting beyblades and battling with my friends. I always win the tournaments that we have at my house. Sometimes I customize my Zero G beys and use synchrom but they sometimes get mad so sometimes I dont. I first started beyblading in 2011 during the summer. I think it was in July. My first beyblade was Big Bang Pegasis. At first I kinda sucked but I got better. But the only reason I started playing with beyblades was because I saw beyblade 4D on youtube and the beys looked so cool. It was kinda a cawincidence because I had gotten 20 bucks and Big Bang Pegasis was only $15.87 on But the next week I ordered Fang Leone for $13.34. Of course I didnt order these beys myself I was only 11. So I gave my aunt the money to put on her card and she ordered them for me. But I now have 17 beys. I recently got Samurai Ifraid and I want to get Gladiator Bahamdia. If you didnt know that in my username Gladiatormaster12. Gladiatormaster means that I want Gladiator Bahamdia. He's my favorite bey. I'm trying to order it off of so I can make the synchrom beyblade that I said I would on my blog Begirados Bahamdia. Well see you later. 

      My Beyblades                                                                             Slideshow of my beys

  • Berserker Begirados/ Takara Tomy
  • Pirates Saramanda/ Takara Tomy
  • Dark Knight Dragooon/ Takara Tomy
  • Thief Phoenic/ Takara Tomy
  • Big Bang Pegasis/ Hyperblade
  • Phantom Orion/ Hyperblade
  • Fang Leone/ Fake
  • Flash Sagittario/ Hyperblade
  • Variares/ Takara Tomy
  • Mercury Anubius/ Fake
  • Death Quetzalcoatl/ Spark FX                                                                                                                                                      
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