Hi! I'm GlareMedusaTH170EWD. I used to own Earth Medusa 230WD, and ever since I've awaken as a legendary blader, I've owned Glare Medusa TH170EWD!!!

Those are my true beys. Now here are some of my toy beys I have:

  • Storm Pegasus 105RF (From Super Vortex Stadium, and has a broken spin track and performance tip) Pegasis
  • Lightning L-Drago 100HF (From Super Vortex Stadium, and has a broken performance tip) LDrago
  • Dark Bull H145SD (Formerly, then got lost) DarkBull
  • Rock Scorpio T125JB 51NvhyqqTDL
  • Hyper Orso SW145JB (From Aqua Sword Strike 2-pack, and has a broken performance tip)
  • Grand Cetus WD145RS (From Aqua Sword Strike 2-pack) Hyper orso grand cetus
  • Themal Lacerta WA130HF ThermalLacerta
  • Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F Imagesgp
  • Ray Striker D125CS RayUnicorno-1-
  • Earth Eagle 145WD Earth Aquila
  • Flame Byxis 230WD FlameByxisSpinning2
  • Evil Befall UW145EWD 4-010
  • Hades Kerbecs BD145DS 5-018
  • Tornado Eagle Tornado eagle th 1
  • Tornado L-Drago HNI 0056

Glare Medusa TH170EWD is my current bey.

Face Bolt: Medusa

Energy Ring: Medusa

Fusion Wheel: Glare

Spin Track: Triple Height 170 (TH170)

Performance Tip: Eternal Wide Defense (EWD)


==My Different Mode Changes==</h4></center>

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