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Im an admin on this Wiki and a big fan of Beyblade. My favorite Beyblade is Cyber Dragoon and my favorite character is Kane. In Metal Fusion my favorite character is Mizuchi Reiji and my favorite Beyblade is Poison Serpent. I dont have as much time to edit this Wiki anymore, but i log in everyday, so if you have any questions ill answer them.

My Favorite Characters


Metal Fusion Beyblade

My Favorite Beyblades


Metal Fusion Beyblades



About HazeShot
Kane This User's favorite character is Kane Yamashita
ThermalPisces123 This User's favorite Beyblade is Thermal Pisces T125ES
Reiji Mizuchi This User's favorite Metal Saga character is Reiji Mizuchi
Bsdbjdsa This User's favorite Beyblade Type is Balance
ReijisEye This User's will haunt you in your dreams.
572 This User loves the Triple Beef Burger!
GingkaSleep This User loves to Sleep.
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