aka Anais

  • I live in Nowhere
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is Nowhere
  • I am Nowhere

Damian Hart

Damian rocks! My wish: For him to come back? (Nah, that is pretty impossible) I'm crazy about him, and kerbecs. I mean, once you are fascinated with someone, you just go crazy. That's it, I infatuated with him. Anyone else crazy about Damian,let the Damian Hart dream live on!

Team Excalibur

Team Excalibur

Another one of my favorites. Julian has lots of $$, Sophie and Wales are incredibly in sync, Klaus...Okay, he's strong? Anyway, I just love this team, they rock. They have team spirit, and...class. I love these chaps!

Also known as: Moneyface, Shermaine, iluv
Kanji: None
Romaji: None
Age: 13 years
Beyblade(s): Too many to name
Relative(s): Too many to name
Friend(s): Reasonable and just bladers and anime followers!
Enemie(s): People who think Beyblade is childish
Hair: Brownish-black
Occupation: Beyblader
First Anime Appearance: The Guard Dog of Hades: Kerbecs
First Manga Appearance:
Voiced by: Myself of course
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