Kadoya Masamune

aka Tachimukai Mark

  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Blader,Soccer Player,Pokemon Trainer,Brawler
  • I am Sealed in my dreams

Hello,there,I am Kadoya Masamune,a big fan of Beyblade,well and by my name you can think fast that my favourite character is Masamune Kadoya,well,if you think so,that's true..... I also really like some more anime like:Inazuma Eleven,Pokemon,Digimon (a little bit) and more.

My Friends

  • Kainye
  • Maxie4ossie
  • Bwolrld360
  • TyphlosionMaster1
  • Gingka and Co.
  • Dusknoirgull22
  • Desboy96
  • EdBoy3
  • Manaphy12342
  • Suigintou Rozen
  • Τsubasa10
  • Kushan Lahiri
  • Kominoto8080
  • ShadowJade
  • Titi and Co
  • TsubasaLoveyDove
  • Bworld 360

The names are been put a little randomly

My Signatures

.A lightning strikes with power

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