aka Kat short for....Kat

  • I live in IN THE USA
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is NYA
  • I am FEMALE


Character Information
Gender: Female (despite the above pic of zeo)
Beyblade(s): Dream Bastet GH145P
Friends: You will know if your my friend
Hair: Dirty Blond
Occupation: Blader, Student, Pokemon Trainer, Vocaloid
First Appearance: When I was born

Manaphy12342 Language Hunter 12:48 XD1241 time for me to make my final preformance..... 12:48 Hunterm1998 thats what he said 12:48 Manaphy12342 Who's banning everyone? 12:48 EdBoy3 Manaphy Hunter wqs just saying. *was 12:48 Hunterm1998 i translated his words in google translate 12:49 EdBoy3 Guys go back to your normal lives. 12:49 Manaphy12342 I know, Still needs to be censored though Oh, lucky you're here :L Hello FastBlade5035, Welcome to Beyblade Wiki Chat! Please ensure all your actions correspond with the Chat Policy. Thank you. 12:49 Hunterm1998 sorry 12:49 EdBoy3 Let's just forget this ever happened. 12:49 Kronos15 why was x-swepsom kickbanned? 12:49 EdBoy3 FB? 12:49 Desboy96 Welcome Back FB 12:49 EdBoy3 Are you quitting? 12:49 FusionVariares123 Hey guys 12:49 FastBlade5035 ..... 12:49 Desboy96 Please Don't Go FB 12:49 Gingka and Co. Yeah, Vari? 12:49 FusionVariares123 G2G 12:49 Desboy96 Since This is My Fault I should leave 12:49 EdBoy3 Bye Fusion. 12:49 Saturoda you mean like this Mana? F**K 12:49 XD1241 bye Vair 12:49 EdBoy3 Des it's not. Please don't leave. Good-bye! FusionVariares123 has left Beyblade Wiki Chat. 12:49 Gingka and Co. Des, stop going hard on yourself. Please, don't... 12:49 FastBlade5035 L_L 12:49 Manaphy12342 I'd rather nobody else leave It's not gunna do any good 12:50 Saturoda Ikr 12:50 Desboy96 Ok Then Im not gonna go 12:50 EdBoy3 Thank you Des. 12:50 Kronos15 could someone tell me what s going on? 12:50 Gingka and Co. :') Hello Admin-Virus AKI, Welcome to Beyblade Wiki Chat! Please ensure all your actions correspond with the Chat Policy. Thank you. 12:50 Gingka and Co. @ Kronos: No. Good-bye! Admin-Virus AKI was kickbanned from Beyblade Wiki Chat. Good-bye! Admin-Virus AKI has left Beyblade Wiki Chat. 12:50 EdBoy3 That's a sockpuppet. 12:50 HellKerbex O.O 12:50 Desboy96 Lol Who's Kicing Everyone? 12:50 Manaphy12342 Let's change the subject completely! 12:50 Panferno99 who has X-Swepmon kickbanned? 12:50 Manaphy12342 HEY GUYS I'M BACK! 12:50 Kronos15 why not? 12:51 Manaphy12342 FROM MY HIATUS HELLLOOO! 12:51 EdBoy3 Welcome back Manaphy. 12:51 Desboy96 Welcome Back Mana-Mumu! 12:51 XD1241 OMG MANA'S BACK 12:51 Manaphy12342 xD 12:51 Desboy96 *Gets Party Favors* 12:51 HellKerbex HAI. 12:51 EdBoy3 We missed you man. *throws soup at Manaphy* 12:51 Manaphy12342 That was fun to do x 12:51 Desboy96 *Gets Beyblade Cake*\ 12:51 Manaphy12342 xD* 12:51 EdBoy3 Manaphy can have soup. 12:51 Gingka and Co. Seriously, who are all these people joining chat? Sockpuppets, yeah. 12:51 HellKerbex Des, PM. 12:51 EdBoy3 BUT NO SOUP FOR YOU GUYS!!!! 12:51 Manaphy12342 THE CAKE IS A LIE! 12:51 Saturoda Throws Muffins at everyone. >:D 12:51 Desboy96 *Hits Mana with confetti canon* 12:51 Manaphy12342 And I hate soup *goes through wall* OUCH 12:51 EdBoy3 *stuffs soup down Sam's throat* 12:51 Desboy96 LOL XD 12:51 EdBoy3 EAT IT@!!!!! 12:51 Gingka and Co. XD 12:51 EdBoy3 YOU'LL LIKE IT!!!! 12:51 Manaphy12342 Are you lot trying to kill me?!?! 12:52 EdBoy3 Maybe. 12:52 Desboy96 *stops Ed* 12:52 Manaphy12342 *dies of lack of cold throat and back bones* 12:52 EdBoy3 *bites Des* 12:52 Saturoda It's Ed's Special soup. 8D 12:52 FastBlade5035 *jumps on Des NUUUUUUU 12:52 Desboy96 *Blasts him with Confetti canon* 12:52 EdBoy3 OW! 12:52 FastBlade5035 THIS IS FUN Good-bye! HellKerbex has left Beyblade Wiki Chat. 12:52 EdBoy3 NO SOUP FOR YOU! 12:52 Desboy96 *Clones Mana* Hello Hyomafan, Welcome to Beyblade Wiki Chat! Please ensure all your actions correspond with the Chat Policy. Thank you. 12:52 EdBoy3 SAM HAS... 12:52 FastBlade5035 *pulls Des' ears 12:52 EdBoy3 BREAD!!!! 12:52 Manaphy12342 Btw, apparently I'm mindless 12:52 Gingka and Co. *Blows up helium balloons* 12:52 Desboy96 *Blasts FB with Confetti Canon* 12:52 Manaphy12342 Because I own MW3 :L 12:52 EdBoy3 *stuff bread down Sam's throat* 12:52 FastBlade5035 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 12:52 EdBoy3 U GUYS WANT BREAD? 12:52 Hyomafan Hey guys 12:52 EdBoy3 3 DOLLARS!!! 12:52 XD1241 *makes food* 12:52 FastBlade5035 *tosses a bomb 12:52 EdBoy3 BUT FREE FOR SAM! 12:52 Saturoda Blasts Des with Conffeti cannon* 12:52 Manaphy12342 MW3 has the best campaign of all the CoDs 12:52 Desboy96 NUUU 12:52 FastBlade5035 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAa 12:52 Hyomafan who won the court challenge? 12:53 Manaphy12342 Nobody 12:53 Hyomafan I mean on fanon 12:53 Manaphy12342 I think? 12:53 EdBoy3 Guys. 12:53 Gingka and Co. Don't remind us. 12:53 EdBoy3 Guys? 12:53 FastBlade5035 ? 12:53 Manaphy12342 Yeah, nobody as far as I'm concerned 12:53 Hyomafan sorry 12:53 Saturoda Shoots everyone with conffeti canonns* 12:53 Manaphy12342 Yes Ed? 12:53 FastBlade5035 Who won wha? 12:53 Hunterm1998 does anyone wanna duel on the DN?? 12:53 Kronos15 ??? 12:53 FastBlade5035 fanon? 12:53 Desboy96 Well 12:53 EdBoy3 I think you all should see this. 12:53 Desboy96 I Think Ima Go Play MW3 12:53 FastBlade5035 GAH I HATE MY COMP WHEN IT SHUTS OFF 12:53 Hyomafan nvm ignore 12:53 EdBoy3 Message Wall:EdBoy3/30077 12:53 Desboy96 Wow 12:53 FastBlade5035 *gasp* 12:53 Desboy96 He can go die 12:53 Panferno99 The Ultimate Last Dragon only searched for a confidential leader for the empty Creator Wiki Saturoda O.O HOLY ********************************** 12:54 FastBlade5035 CAN I DELETE RA 12:54 EdBoy3 Guys? 12:54 FastBlade5035 PLZ PLZ 12:54 Hyomafan what 12:54 EdBoy3 Let's vote. 12:54 FastBlade5035 PLZ PLZ 12:54 EdBoy3 Please listen. 12:54 Saturoda K 12:54 Hyomafan listening 12:54 EdBoy3 Should I block King forver. 12:54 FastBlade5035 PLEASE LEMME DELETE RA 12:54 EdBoy3 All in favor: Say I. 12:54 Hyomafan I 12:54 Manaphy12342 Nope 12:54 FastBlade5035 O_o 12:54 Hyomafan think you shouldn't 12:54 FastBlade5035 Lol 12:54 Manaphy12342 I pity King, I really do. 12:54 Panferno99 oh sorry. wrong link FastBlade5035 Me 2 12:54 EdBoy3 Ok we leave him. 12:54 Saturoda Me 2 12:54 Gingka and Co. Can I have some cake now? 12:54 FastBlade5035 Sure *tosses cake 12:55 Hunterm1998 ....................... 12:55 EdBoy3 FB you cna delete it. *can 12:55 FastBlade5035 YAY 12:55 Desboy96 *Hits GIngka in the face with Blueberry Pie* 12:55 FastBlade5035 WHAT NOW RA 12:55 Gingka and Co. Thanks, FB! *Eats cake* 12:55 Hyomafan that sad 12:55 FastBlade5035 *does stupid dance 12:55 Saturoda XD 12:55 Gingka and Co. I hate Pie! 12:55 FastBlade5035 OOOOOOOOOOH 12:55 Desboy96 Lololol I Know 12:55 Hyomafan *throws cookies at everyone* 12:55 Desboy96 NUUU *Gets Hit By Cookie* 12:55 Saturoda Blasts Gingka with conffeti cannon* 12:55 Manaphy12342 Speaking of Cookies, I have a box here 12:55 XD1241 12:55 Saturoda (XD( 12:55 Gingka and Co. YAY! 12:55 Hyomafan I'm eating oreos 12:55 Saturoda * 12:55 Desboy96 *Takes Sat's Conffeti cannon* 12:55 Saturoda NU 12:55 Desboy96 *Blasts Sat* 12:56 Gingka and Co. I got you a present, mana... ...ITS COOKIES!!!! 12:56 FastBlade5035 *takes the confetti canon 12:56 Saturoda AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FLIES THROUGH WALL* 12:56 Desboy96 *Gets Broom* 12:56 FastBlade5035 *shoots Des CONFETTI WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe 12:56 Desboy96 BROOM 12:56 EdBoy3 brb 12:56 FastBlade5035 *fires like crazy ok 12:56 Desboy96 *Beats FB with Broom* 12:56 Saturoda Throws Oreos at Des* >:D 12:56 Desboy96 *Takes Back Cannon 12:56 Panferno99 bye 12:56 Hunterm1998 ........................ bye 12:56 Desboy96 *Oreos Land in Mouth* 12:56 Gingka and Co. bye Pan 12:56 Saturoda BAI 12:56 Desboy96 *Dies of Oreo Overload* 12:57 Saturoda> :D Good-bye! Panferno99 has left Beyblade Wiki Chat. 12:57 Manaphy12342 Customer Announcement: Can the boy with the owl running at the wall between platforms nine and ten please stop? 12:57 Hunterm1998 thnk u Pan 12:57 Gingka and Co. lol 12:57 Saturoda XD 12:57 Desboy96 *Revives So 12:57 FastBlade5035 Oh BTW 12:57 Hyomafan lol I think that's halarious 12:57 Desboy96 What Does Everyone Think of my New Avatar 12:57 FastBlade5035 Sweet new avatar Des LOL 12:57 Gingka and Co. 12:57 Desboy96 XD1241 good Des 12:57 Kronos15 customer announcement: due to budget cuts, i am unable to finish this anoun... 12:57 FastBlade5035 Just mentioned 12:57 Gingka and Co. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!! 12:57 Saturoda I LOVES IT. 12:57 FastBlade5035 IKR 12:58 Manaphy12342 Oh, I have something to say... 12:58 Hunterm1998 12:58 FastBlade5035 Manaphy12342 I'm disappointed in Ed 12:58 Desboy96 Hunt? 12:58 Hyomafan why? 12:58 Hunterm1998 yah 12:58 Manaphy12342 Gone for 4 weeks and he still can't beat me on the Leaderboard :L 12:58 Hunterm1998 12:58 FastBlade5035 xD 12:58 Saturoda 12:58 Gingka and Co. XD 12:58 Desboy96 I Guess You Don't Like It 12:58 Hyomafan XD 12:58 FastBlade5035 I DID 12:58 Gingka and Co. DES! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!! 12:58 Hunterm1998 No des i really do its just...... 12:58 Manaphy12342 And it's great Des 12:58 Desboy96 ???? I'm talking about Hun 12:58 Saturoda gotta refresh brb 12:58 Desboy96 Hunt* Good-bye! Saturoda has left Beyblade Wiki Chat. Hello Saturoda, Welcome to Beyblade Wiki Chat! Please ensure all your actions correspond with the Chat Policy. Thank you. 12:59 Saturoda Back. 12:59 Desboy96 Go On.... 12:59 Hyomafan hi wb 12:59 Hunterm1998 its nothing so wheres that cake 12:59 Desboy96 Ok.... 12:59 Hunterm1998 ................... 12:59 Desboy96 *Devours Cake* 12:59 FastBlade5035 DOES ANYONE LIKE HIPPOS 12:59 Desboy96 MINE!!! 12:59 Gingka and Co. I ate it, Hunter. 12:59 Hyomafan I left a happy b-day messsage on your profile Manaphy 12:59 FastBlade5035 HIPPOS ARE FAT 12:59 Manaphy12342 Customer Announcement: Can the owner of the Black Jaguar please move it? It is attacking the customers. Thank you. 12:59 Desboy96 *Locks Gingka in Closet* 12:59 Hyomafan YES 12:59 Desboy96 *Gets New Cake* 12:59 Manaphy12342 I saw Hyoma, Thank you 1:00 Desboy96 *Gives Mana a Slice 1:00 FastBlade5035 *Steals Des' cake* 1:00 Desboy96 NUUUUUU 1:00 Hyomafan np 1:00 FastBlade5035 *runs 1:00 Manaphy12342 1:00 Desboy96 *Gets Broom* 1:00 FastBlade5035 *jumps 1:00 Desboy96 *Run's After FB 1:00 FastBlade5035 *tosses cake at Sat CATCH 1:00 Desboy96 *Intercepts *Grabs Cake* 1:00 Gingka and Co. *Shouts from cupbord* Fastblade gave me it and now he's being fatblade! ¬.¬ Cake eater... 1:00 FastBlade5035 @#$%^&*$#@%$#@%@! 1:00 Hyomafan starts running in circles and does the face hyoma does when he's going insane* 1:00 Saturoda Cake slams into face* OWCH 1:00 Desboy96 *Throws Oreo Shurikens at FB* 1:01 Gingka and Co. *Escapes the cupboard.* 1:01 FastBlade5035 YUM *eats OWCH 1:01 Desboy96 NUU 1:01 Gingka and Co. FATBLADE! 1:01 FastBlade5035 ITS SHARP 1:01 Desboy96 *Grabs Gingka* 1:01 Manaphy12342 SlowBlunt! 1:01 Hyomafan starts dancing on the table* 1:01 Hunterm1998 whats NUU mean 1:01 FastBlade5035 BUT TASTY 1:01 Desboy96 *Throws in Closet* 1:01 Saturoda Throws Chips Ahoy! Kunai's at Des. >:D 1:01 Gingka and Co. THIS IS EVIL! 1:01 Desboy96 *Locks Closet* 1:01 Manaphy12342 That's a scarysight... 1:01 XD1241 1:01 Desboy96 *Gets hit by Kunai* 1:01 Hunterm1998 ...............:/ 1:01 FastBlade5035 *intercepts and eats cookies 1:01 Hunterm1998 ...................... 1:01 Desboy96 Thanks FB 1:01 Manaphy12342 You have 10009 unread messages in your inbox o.O 1:01 Hyomafan lol I'm keeping myself from bursting out laughing 1:01 Manaphy12342 4 weeks = 10009?! Great... 1:01 Gingka and Co. Its Narnia... 1:01 Hunterm1998 take a pic 1:01 Manaphy12342 And they're all Facebook! 1:02 Kronos15 GOAL!!! IRELAND!!!! 1:02 Desboy96 *Hits Hunt in the face with Pie* 1:02 Hunterm1998 take a pic!!!! 1:02 Desboy96 *Pulls Gingka out of the closet* 1:02 Hunterm1998 mmmmmmm Apple!! 1:02 Gingka and Co. yay! 1:02 Desboy96 *throws her in the pool* 1:02 FastBlade5035 *tosses Gingka back in 1:02 Hyomafan walks up to Gingka and gives her a huge cake* 1:02 FastBlade5035 Oh nvm 1:02 Gingka and Co. HEY!!!!!!!!! 1:02 Saturoda Shoots everyone with the gun FB gave me in PM* 1:02 Desboy96 *throws FB in the pool* 1:02 Saturoda> :D 1:02 Desboy96 CANNONBALL!!! 1:02 Hunterm1998 hey lets have a beyblatte in the pool 1:02 FastBlade5035 SUPER JUMP WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 1:02 Gingka and Co. *Gives cake to FatBlade* 1:02 Desboy96 *Jumps in the pool* 1:02 FastBlade5035 *eats cake in mid air 1:02 Hunterm1998 pulls out plug of pool we can use the pool as a stadium 1:02 Saturoda O.O 1:02 FastBlade5035 O_O U 1:03 Desboy96 NUUU 1:03 FastBlade5035 R 1:03 Hyomafan slaps people with fish* 1:03 FastBlade5035 A GENIUS 1:03 Gingka and Co. ikr 1:03 Manaphy12342 OUCH 1:03 Desboy96 THE WATER!! 1:03 Hunterm1998 1:03 FastBlade5035 *grabs random bey 1:03 Manaphy12342 IT'S IN MY EYES! 1:03 FastBlade5035 *launches Des 1:03 Manaphy12342 IT BURNS! 1:03 FastBlade5035 U dont mind 1:03 Manaphy12342 *runs into a wall* 1:03 Hunterm1998 pulls out Mars 1:03 Manaphy12342 D'oh 1:03 FastBlade5035 If I launch Xialong... DO U? 1:03 Saturoda Gets sucked down drain* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 1:03 FastBlade5035 *launches Xialong in pool 1:03 Desboy96 *Grabs Sat* 1:03 Hunterm1998 saves Sat at last second 1:03 Hyomafan shouts out* 3,2,1 let it rip! *Aries flies at Fastblade but misses* 1:03 Desboy96 XIOALONG!!! 1:03 Saturoda YAY 1:03 Desboy96 *NUUUU 1:03 Hunterm1998 MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:04 Desboy96 *Grabs Xiaolong* MINE!! 1:04 FastBlade5035 *grabs Falcon 1:04 Desboy96 *Tries to Escape the Pool* Too Big! 1:04 FastBlade5035 LET IT RIP 1:04 Gingka and Co. *launches Uni and switches to sharp* 1:04 Hunterm1998 Launches everybey Hunter finds* 1:04 Desboy96 Gingka give me a lif 1:04 FastBlade5035 IM USING SAT'S BEY 1:04 Desboy96 lift* 1:04 Hyomafan *Takes out costome bey* Yay it's Bastet! *lonches at wall* 1:04 Hunterm1998 Draconis, Aquila, Gem Pegasus 1:04 Saturoda FALCON PAWNCH! 1:04 Desboy96 MY BEYS!!! 1:04 Hunterm1998 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALPHA VOLANTIS 1:04 FastBlade5035 Ok then 1:04 Desboy96 How'd U Find Those!! Hello TsubasaandToby, Welcome to Beyblade Wiki Chat! Please ensure all your actions correspond with the Chat Policy. Thank you. 1:04 FastBlade5035 LET IT RIP 1:04 Desboy96 Volan!? 1:04 FastBlade5035 EAGLE 1:04 Desboy96 Where did u get those 1:04 Gingka and Co. Make sure you watch out for Uni... 1:04 Saturoda FALCON PAWNCHes FB* 1:04 Hunterm1998 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH 1:04 Desboy96 Run's after stolen beys 1:04 FastBlade5035 POO IN THERE HAIR 1:05 Hunterm1998 dadge 1:05 FastBlade5035 *EAgle Poo's 1:05 Desboy96 *Grabs Draconis *Runs after Gem 1:05 Gingka and Co. Uni, help collect the stolen beys... 1:05 Desboy96 *dives at it* 1:05 Saturoda Trips anf falls into pool drain again* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 1:05 FastBlade5035 *stupid dance while getting poo in my hair 1:05 Saturoda 1:05 Hunterm1998 Revialath, Hamonias, Uriathan, ARMATYLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:05 Desboy96 (Best Party Ever) 1:05 FastBlade5035 IKR 1:05 Gingka and Co. ikr 1:05 Saturoda IKR 1:05 Hyomafan *shouts* Bastet Pyramid Destruction! *bastet's spirit come out and does nothing* 1:05 Hunterm1998 GOOOOOOOOOO@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:05 FastBlade5035 *jumps on pool 1:06 Saturoda And it's ALL Mana's fault! 1:06 FastBlade5035 GO PONY 1:06 Manaphy12342 o.O 1:06 FastBlade5035 RIDE 1:06 Desboy96 *calls Airdrop 1:06 Manaphy12342 Me? 1:06 FastBlade5035 PIDE RIDE 1:06 Manaphy12342 Now wait a Sonic Second? 1:06 Gingka and Co. IKR 1:06 FastBlade5035 GASP 1:06 Desboy96 *fills pool with water again 1:06 FastBlade5035 U DARE U 1:06 Gingka and Co. No Mana's fult. 1:06 Hunterm1998 put on party music 1:06 FastBlade5035 *USE 1:06 Hyomafan WERE INSANE! 1:06 FastBlade5035 SONIC'S QUOTE 1:06 Manaphy12342 *commits suicide* 1:06 FastBlade5035 THE WORLD WILL END 1:06 Gingka and Co. UNI! FLY! DON'T GET WET! 1:06 Desboy96 NUU 1:06 FastBlade5035 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 1:06 Desboy96 *Clones Mana Again* 1:06 Saturoda It's Mana's Welcome Back Party. (awesomeface0 FAIL 1:06 FastBlade5035 fail 1:06 Gingka and Co. 1:06 Desboy96 1:06 FastBlade5035 1:06 Hunterm1998 XD 1:07 Saturoda 1:07 Hunterm1998 1:07 Gingka and Co. 1:07 FastBlade5035 1:07 Desboy96 *has Super fun time* 1:07 Saturoda 1:07 Gingka and Co. ATTACK OF THE AWESOME SMILEYS! 1:07 FastBlade5035 1:07 Gingka and Co. *Calls back Uni* 1:07 Saturoda 1:07 Hyomafan *puts on video* Desboy96 Ugh Oh 1:07 FastBlade5035 awesome) FAIL 1:07 Desboy96 I Can't Find Aquila 1:07 Gingka and Co. :O 1:07 Desboy96 *Looks At Hunter* 1:07 FastBlade5035 *whisltes I dont know where Aquilla is.. 1:08 Hyomafan Did anybody watch the video 1:08 Desboy96 *reaches for beylauncher like the old west* 1:08 FastBlade5035 *slowly walks away 1:08 Saturoda Holding Aquila* OH S*** 1:08 FastBlade5035 xD 1:08 Desboy96 *looks at FB* 1:08 FastBlade5035 IT WAS HIM 1:08 Saturoda Throws Aquila at des and runs* 1:08 FastBlade5035 *points at Sat 1:08 Desboy96 *Grabs Aquila 1:08 Hunterm1998 EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MANA FOR THE PIC ON 1 1:08 Desboy96 *Runs After Sat* 1:08 Hunterm1998 3 2 1:08 FastBlade5035 LET IT RIP 1:08 Hunterm1998 1 1:08 Desboy96 Happy Birthday! 1:09 Hyomafan Happy Birthday!!!! 1:09 Saturoda HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANA! 1:09 Gingka and Co. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 1:09 Hunterm1998 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:09 FastBlade5035 Wha? 1:09 Hyomafan YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:09 FastBlade5035 *stupid look* Oh right 1:09 Gingka and Co. *Shoots fireworks into the sky* 1:09 FastBlade5035 HAPPEH B DAY 1:09 Desboy96 *Shoots Fireworks* 1:09 FastBlade5035 *pops a beer bottle 1:09 Hunterm1998 lets try this again -___-3 1:09 Saturoda ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒SMOKE BOMB* 1:09 Hunterm1998 2 1:09 FastBlade5035 *cap hits Des 1:09 Hunterm1998 1 HAPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:09 Gingka and Co. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 1:09 Saturoda HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:09 FastBlade5035 HAPPEH B DAY (Aweosme) 1:09 Desboy96 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 1:09 Saturoda 1:09 FastBlade5035 fail 1:09 Gingka and Co. *Fireworks explode* 1:09 Hyomafan *bastet burns a trail in the grass* Happy bithday! is what is says 1:10 Hunterm1998 wow 1:10 Manaphy12342 It was my birthday on Monday? 1:10 Desboy96 MANA SAY SOMETHING Oh Well 1:10 Manaphy12342 xD 1:10 Gingka and Co. still 1:10 Desboy96 It's a late celebration 1:10 Hunterm1998 bettter late than never 1:10 FastBlade5035 HAPPEH B- DAY 1:10 Hyomafan I think that mana is 1:10 FastBlade5035 Finnaly 1:10 Saturoda HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY THEN O.O 1:10 Manaphy12342 Lol 1:10 Hyomafan EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:10 Desboy96 Happeh B-Day Mana-Mumu 1:10 Gingka and Co. ZEO KILLED TOBY! Says nothing... 1:10 Desboy96 WHYYY!!!!??? 1:10 Saturoda O.O 1:10 Hyomafan wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1:10 Gingka and Co. idk i felt like saying that 1:10 Saturoda WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? 1:10 XD1241 TOBY IS HERE .:( 1:10 Gingka and Co. XD 1:10 Saturoda XD 1:11 Desboy96 XD 1:11 Hunterm1998 XD 1:11 Hyomafan has anybody seen Tsubasa 1:11 Gingka and Co. no 1:11 Hunterm1998 everyone do the XD face now XD 1:11 Desboy96 GROUP H 1:11 Gingka and Co. *XD) 1:11 Desboy96 U 1:11 Saturoda 1:11 Desboy96 G 1:11 XD1241 1:11 Hunterm1998 1:11 Kronos15 he died in a golfing accident 1:11 Gingka and Co. 1:11 Desboy96 1:11 Hyomafan XD 1:11 XD1241 1241 1:11 FastBlade5035 Late FTW 1:11 Desboy96 Lol GROUP H 1:11 FastBlade5035 1:11 Desboy96 UG 1:11 FastBlade5035 EW *runs away 1:11 Saturoda ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ SMOKE BOMB! >:D 1:11 Hunterm1998 Gay.................. 1:11 Desboy96 *Hugs FB* 1:11 FastBlade5035 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 1:11 Gingka and Co. lol 1:11 FastBlade5035 PEDO GET AWAY 1:12 Desboy96 MUAHAHAHAHAHHAA 1:12 FastBlade5035 *runs 1:12 Hyomafan pushes away random people* 1:12 Desboy96 *Runs After FB 1:12 FastBlade5035 AHHHHHHHHHHH 1:12 Desboy96 GET BACK HERE! 1:12 FastBlade5035 GET GINGKA OR HUNT 1:12 Saturoda Shoots everyone with FB's gun* >;D 1:12 Hunterm1998 SOMEONE DUEL ME ON ThE DN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:12 FastBlade5035 NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEee OWCH 1:12 Saturoda> :D* 1:12 Hunterm1998 i have so many decks 1:12 Desboy96 Alright Guys That was a great party 1:12 FastBlade5035 *still running 1:12 Hyomafan *sits down and starts giggling* 1:12 Gingka and Co. What...? FB, you said my name because...? 1:12 Desboy96 But It's Time For Me To Go 1:12 Hunterm1998 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:12 Desboy96 I Love You All 1:12 FastBlade5035 O_o 1:12 Hunterm1998 SOMEONE DUEL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:12 FastBlade5035 O________O'''' 1:12 Hyomafan wait! 1:12 Desboy96 See You In The Future 1:12 Hunterm1998 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1:12 FastBlade5035 *gets gun 1:12 Saturoda Bai.

  • 1:33FastBlade5035Sat is more acurate
  • 1:33FastBlade5035

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