aka TJ

  • I live in District 13, Panem
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Blader, Manga artist, Astrophysicist, Mathematician
  • I am Supported by Mahoganoeple

DISCLAIMER: I don't really get on here anymore, if you want to contact me more easily,

add me on Discord: TipicalJ#2501

About Me

I am a Lone-blader. If you want info on me, just look at my pics and my bio. If you want randomness, go to the RANDOM section. This is me.

My Alter-Ego :D

I has an alter-ego. I'm Kyo Sohma, from the Fruits Basket anime. Here is some more info if you want to know more about him; Kyo Sohma. P.S. I do transform when exhausted or hugged by the opposite gender.


Trying to help the wiki, Corrected variation of a definitive known for the atomic hyper-argotemuse, Section 45-B know for the "Hiroshima nuclear reactor"

My Beys ^_^

General Beys ^_^

My favorite un-customized beyblades

  1. Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF
  2. Kreis Cygnus 145WD
  3. Quetzalcoatl 90WF
  4. Jade Jupiter S130RB
  5. Diablo Nemesis X:D
  6. Hades Kerbecs BD145DS
  7. Gravity Perseus AD145WD
  8. Beat Lynx TH170WD
  9. Vulcan Horuseus 145D
  10. Poison Serpent SW145SD

Favorite custom bey ^_^

My beyblade I have used in tournaments in Toys 'R' Us and in real world battles, I use Screw Horogium/Kerbecks 125W2D. When I'm angry, I'll use Death Quetz or Diablo Nemesis on them =_O.

Random <('.'<) (>'.')>


Guess who's back? <('.'<)

Back Again (>'.')>

Kiddeh's Back <('.'<)

Tell a Friend \('^')/

\/~{}~< CONJECTURE ENDS HERE >~{}~\/


If you need a direct link to ALL the emotes, go here: Emotes

Favorite song :3

My favorite song right now d(-_-)b .

How I feel often, especially when I'm lonely; Like a Blackbird.


UNDEAD - Hollywood Undead

Favorite characters in anime

  1. Kai Hiwatari
  2. Hikaru Hasama :3
  3. Tithi (favorite bey)
  4. Kyo Sohma
  5. Kyoya Tategami
  6. Rangiku


Hope you enjoyed the music, pictures and fun things seen on my profile, peace!


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