King Starscream is a programmer in real life, and probably too old for most of his hobbies. Among them is collecting action figures, competitive games and toys, and way too many video games. While the original Beyblade series actually occurred during his middle school years, he did not start collecting them until well after college during the Metal Fusion era. More specific interests are chaos theory and scholarly study of the Legend of Zelda timeline.

My Custom Beyblades

Twisted Kerbecs GB145MB

  • Energy Ring: Kerbecs
  • Face Bolt: Kerbecs
  • Fusion Wheel: Diablo
  • Spin Track: BD145
  • Performance Tip: Metal Ball

The main goal of this build is to have as much mass as possible, and as such is made from all of the heaviest parts available. Additionally, the parts are meant to work together to balance out each other's flaws. GB145 helps Twisted stabilize, causing it to move in small circles while remaining level rather than wobbling. Metal Ball reduces friction, allowing for better stamina. The Kerbecs Energy Ring also helps balance out the weight, since it is a 3 section ring.

The tremendous mass (over 60 grams) helps retain energy, while Diablos's sheer mass reduces recoil. Attack types bounce off of it, causing themselves to ring out or slow down. The mass also prevents movement from lighter builds. Over all, it functions as a powerful Defense/Stamina build. The downside is that it has very little attack power. It also requires a stronger launching hand, since the added mass makes it harder to do so.

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