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“ Beyblade isn't about crushing the opponent! It's about clashing your Beyspirit!” -Me

Hi. I'm a huge Beyblade fan and I know a lot about it. I joined simply because I wanted to be a part of this huge Beyblade encyclopedia. My favorite character is Johannes, because he's very similiar to myself :D I really enjoy this wiki and I'm still learning about templates and stuff... So if you want some quick info about me check the character template to the right... And I have some more info a little bit lower.


(NOTE- This is my anime look) I'm a very tall teenager. I have a pale skintone, light blue eyes and dark brown curly hair. I'm quite fit. I wear an unzipped black leather jacket with a dark green stripe on each sleeve. Each shoulder is colored white with a green and spiky pattern beneath. Under that I wear a loose fitting grey top. I wear brown fingerless gloves. I wear tan pants and black boots. I also wear a brown belt with silver buckle. Around my neck I also wear a dog tag.


I was a very shy person a few years ago. But nowadays I'm more open to conversations and talking with friends. I'm also very motivated, but I can also get very unsecure when I find myself in a different situation.

Top 10 MFB Characters

  1. Johannes
  2. Tsubasa Otori
  3. Chao- Xin
  4. Kyoya Tategami
  5. Sora Akatsuki
  6. Ryuga
  7. Gingka Hagane
  8. Selen Garcia
  9. Dashan Wang
  10. Tetsuya Watarigani

Top 10 MFB Zero-G Characters

  1. Shinobu Hiryuin
  2. Sakyo Kuroyami
  3. Zero Kurogane
  4. Ren Kurenai
  5. Kira Hayama
  6. Takanosuke Shishiya
  7. Gen Kikura
  8. Kaito Unabara
  9. Captain Arrow
  10. Spike Bourne

Top 5 MFB Beyblades