aka Thomas Nemmers

  • I live in Atwater, CA
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is A Blader, a Pokemon trainer, a ninja, an Elemental Master of Fog, a Bakugan Brawler, etc.
  • I am Male

About me Hello
I'm a laid-back kind of guy who loves Beyblade and a Beyblade vigilante who never destroys a blader's Bey, forces anything against a Beyblade's will, or cross any other lines. I'm also a legendary blader, Beytrainer, and Elemental Master of Fog. I have passion for Beyblade. I am the definition of awesome sauce.
Demonic Ifritor 9Sheild Planet

Designs for Demonic Ifritor 9Sheild Planet

    • Scorch Ifritor Fire Delta Inner
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Designs for Scorch Ifritor Fire Delta Inner

  • Special Moves:
    • Flame Griffin WA130WD;
      • Claw Assassin
      • Wing Attack
      • Fire Thunder
    • Ninja Griffin UW145EWD;
      • Claw Assassin
      • Fog Driver
      • Elemental Power Strike
    • Hurricane Crusher Pisces;
      • Deep Sea Attack
      • Tsunami Jaws
    • Ifritor I2 Magnum Liner
      • Ember Launch
      • Scorching Ember Launch
      • Magma Boost
      • Volcano Blowout
    • Ifritor I3 6Switch Gyro;
      • 6-Fire Assault
      • Ember Launch
      • Magma Boost
      • Blazing Rebound
    • Demonic Ifritor I4 9'Sheild Planet;
      • Blazing Rebound
      • Upper Defense
      • Scorching Ember Launch
      • Fire's Madness
    • Scorch Ifritor Fire Delta Inner;
      • Delta Blaze
      • Ember Launch
      • Scorch Boost
      • Inner Diablo Rebound
      • Hyper-Flux
  • As my alter Vigilante ego:
    • Poison Zurafa S130MB;
      • Raging Stomp Assault
    • Raider Skull Rex;
      • T-rex Smash
      • Dino Takedown
    • Phantazus P2 Polish Weight;
      • Specter Launch
      • Ghostly Guard
      • Double Possession
    • Destructor Chimerus C4 4'Fin Hunter' ;
      • Destruction Bound
Welcome Legendary Griffin!
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