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|-|Home = <h1 style><span style= "color: black; text-shadow: red 0 3px 3px;"><font face= algerian>Lord of Pyrus's Page</font></span></h1>
|AKA = Lord of Pyrus<br>LOP
|Image = [[File:TwistedTempo.jpg|300px]]
|Gender = Male
|Beyblades = Ray Striker<br>Ray Gil
|Occupation = Off/On Editor
|Famile =
|EnVoice = Lordofpyrus
*This users Main Beys are '''Ray Striker''', '''Ray Gil''', and '''Twisted Tempo'''.
*This users favorite season is '''Metal Fury'''.
*This user can also be found on [ '''Bakugan Wikia'''] and [ '''Bakugan Users Wikia''']!
*This users '''Beyblade Battles''' Account is '''HyperScorpio0704'''.
*This user is a fan of '''L-Drago''', '''Pegasus''', & '''Striker'''
*This users 2 favorite characters are '''Ginka''' and '''Masamune Kadoya'''
|-|My Beyblades = {{LOP/Blades}}
|-|My Bey Pictures = {{LOP/Pics}}
|-|Polls = {{LOP/Polls}}
|-|Friends = {{LOP/Friends}}
</tabber></div><div style="width:685px"> </div></center>

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