Lord of Pyrus's Page

  • This users Main Beys are Ray Striker, Ray Gil, and Twisted Tempo.
  • This users favorite season is Metal Fury.
  • This user can also be found on Bakugan Wikia and Bakugan Users Wikia!
  • This users Beyblade Battles Account is HyperScorpio0704.
  • This user is a fan of L-Drago, Pegasus, & Striker
  • This users 2 favorite characters are Ginka and Masamune Kadoya

These are Pictures I have taken of my Beyblades, they MAY be blurry (some)

  • Cyber Pegasus
  • All
  • Parts of Galaxy Pegasus
  • Rock Aries
  • Thermal Pisces
  • Ray Striker
  • Burn Fireblaze
  • Earth Virgo
  • Legend Counter Leone
  • Galaxy Pegasus - My Bey
  • Spinning Burn Fireblaze
  • Lightning L-Drago
  • Meteo L-Drago
  • Parts of Meteo, Rush, and Lighting L-Dragos
  • Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Rush

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