aka Maxwell, Chloe. The greatest :P

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on September 17
  • I am The greatest!


Hello im Damian Hart user

thats me this is just my second account coz my other one dont really work well it works now and then so i go on there a little bit but people know me more on this account so yeah call me Damain for short, or if you want you can also call me Max or Maxie.

About me...

Basic Stuff...

My favorite bey is Hell Kerbecs, Rock Zurafa and Ray Striker and my favorite characters are Damian Hart and Dashan Wang, i also like Masamune, jack and Johnanas. But mostly Damian and Dashan, They're awesome. I like to draw and paint so basically art. MY LUKY NUMBER IS 13! My Favouite colours are Black, Light Blue, Purple and Red. I'm also an animal lover :P I love Dogs/Puppies, Wolfs, Wild Dogs, Wherewolfs. They are awesome. My favouite animals aswell. I have 2 dogs of my own. A Bichon Frise, and a Shih tzu. They are adorable, so cute, and fluffy :D But my favouite breed of dog would be, Husky, Westie and a rottweiler. :D And my favorite word is awesome, i love awesome. AWESOME :D

My personalities..

Evil me..


I have two personalities. i am evil. Like seriously. I have powers to build cliffs. I have loads. Really. LOADS, im cliff girl xD, So all my enemies, or the people who judge me or judge my friends and ESPECIALLY be mean to my friends, or hurt them. I will be mean, wont leave you alone, push you down my cliff, kill you and haunt you forever.But Ill mostly do that to you when you hurt or be mean to my friends or if you are a noob and you really annoy me. But Friends are important to me, they come first. So yeah. Oh and my actuall powers to do with the cliffs, is that, when someone tries to hurt me or kill me, i just jump off my clifff, and i will float up, then i will be floating in the air beyond my cliff. So when someone tries to get me, im protected, I can also bring 3 friends, i can hold there hands and jump off, they will float with me, so they will be protected too :p Plus No one can break through the force it has. NO ONNEEE. Oh and if someone jumps off it to. They will just keep falling and die.. so Never jump of the cliff. :p I also Control the Darkness, Well most of it anyways, I'm from hell, i was born in hell, and i live there. ME IMMORTAL WHAHAHAHA No one can kill me, unless your the strongest person on earth (Which is probably Des, Mana, Ed or Hunter, Maybe even Callum) Im Immortal 


I always make evil avis/ Avartas, xD They are awesome. Literally, i have loads, when you finish reading this, just scroll down to 'Avis'. Um Sometimes i just go evil for a little fun, i kill you in a weird way then at the end i bring you alive again. But i only bring people back to life if im just go randomly evil for a little bit of fun. If its real you stay dead forever...Um.. I go MENTAL when i rage. Seriously, You will NEVER want to see me my full mean or full rage. Once i raged at Samantha123.. most people saw it, and that wasnt even my full rage. So yeah, dont try annoy me or make me mad, otherwise you will have something bad coming for you. Um.. but yes im evil, like angel of darkness/death and stuff. But you/someone have to make me mad for me to turn evil to be it so dont worry. Lol.

Sorry i writ so much, but who cares?

Normal me..

Soooo normal me, Normal me is very nice, i like to help people when their lost, or forgotton how to do something, so if your stuck, I dont bite, illl be happy to help. :O I might bite actually, I COULD BE HALF VAMPIRE :O xD Jokes. I like to Joke around, laugh, be hyper, IM SUPER RANDOM, everytime when im normal, Specially when im bored. Once, i started talking about socks and hotdogs, O.o Dont know why, XD but yeah im very random at times. xD I also , love to poke people. I poke alot xD im being serious. I do poke alot. Im the poke master. Oh and everyday, at the end of the day, MIDNIGHT! Thats right, i have my hug time, :D I hug everyone in chat 3 times, Why 3 times you ask? Well i have like 2 friends :D Called, Maxine, and Max, and they are me xD Mini mes; people say im crazy, and ask why i talk to myself on main chat, BUT IM NOT CRAZZYYY I'm talking to Maxine and Max, and they reply.. so :/ yeah. xD I hug people 3 times. and on Sundays i hug any time of tha day to celebrate that its the last day of the week xD :D ALSO ALSO :D XDD no one likes this being real.. Buuutt, the name 'Maxie'. Means the greatest, :D XDDDD Maxie is myyy nammee :D so yeah, im the greatest. <<< SEEEEEEE SEE SEE SEE It means the greatest xDDDDDD lol....Buutt yeah i thinkk thats it


ive been here for along time now and ive met loads of awesome friends

Damian 11

They are .....

Hunter = TheRedNova- Hunt has left the wiki now.... but he will never be forgotten and we all will miss him so much, he was a great friend, his always up for a challange, you could always trust him as well. WE MISS YOU HUNT. I hope i see you again.

Mana = Manaphy or Sam- Mana is one of the bestest friends you could ever have, seriously he's funny, awesome, helpful and so much more. He is one of the first person i met on this wiki and the VERY FIRST i trusted ;) I didn't regret that and still haven't. I honestly dont know where i would be without him :O He is just amazing. Take my word for it. :P

Duncan - DUNCAN! Just, officially reached beyond awesome he is one of my bestest friends and also my ex. But were still good friends and hopefully it will stay like that, FOR..........DUN DUNN DUNN......EVERRRR AND EVERRR :PPPPPPP :3

Ana - Ana is like awesome really really awesome shes one of my best friends aswell since ive been here and SHES SO FUNNY :P we both are the Breadfish fans :P Ana: Have you seen the motherless breadfish? Me: Swimming in the ocean waters.. XD Yup ist weird But its AWESOME and OUR thing :P < Yush notice how i put that in caps, I have my eye on you peoplez >:D lol .

Bworld360 = Natty = My bestest friend EVER! -  Natty is Awesome, and one of my bestiez, Me, her, Mandy and Aura, are all like sisters. SISTER HOOD! Natty is my BFFLO (Best friend for life online) Were gunna end up meeting eachother in real life, well thats our plan, lol but shes awesome, really fun, random, crazy, We have our hyper moments, and our really...weird moments, lol shes always been their for me, we never let eachother down :P You can trust her and share any secrets with her :DDDD we have a special greeting too. :3

Aura = My BESTEST friend EVER! -Aura is one my my newest friends here, im super super super SUPERRR glade i became friends with her, shes awesome, funny, and so sweet, shes very understanding and you can simply trust her with everything. I tell nearly all my personal secrets to her, i will never regret that either, i just know she will never ever tell, Were both super close, i trust her, she trusts me, :) Shes amazing and shes the best, TO THE SISTER HOOD! :P She's my BFFL (Best friend for life) She's just Amazing, lol :) 

Mandy = Miranda Blue = PRINCESS ROMEO!= My Bestest friend EVER!- MANDY IS AWESOME REALLY REALLY AWESOME, Were really good friends ;) You can trust her with secrets and she is really awesome lol we have alot in common. WERE TWINS!!! xD We found out our birthdays are on the same day. She's like, Better than most of my real friends, she cares for everyone, and never mean :) We also have nicknames for eachother xD I'm 'Prince Juliet' and Mandy is 'Princess Romeo' ITS SO FUNNY :p Shes a royal friend of mine and always will be.

Callum - CALLUMMM! Tha awesome one *Thumbs up* He showed meh Anime.. and now ive like became so obessed with it, cant stop watching, D: He calls it 'Newbie addiction' xD But he's super random too, Fun to be around, :D Were good friends :DD Were just awesome like that y'know xD

Desboy = Des - Des, Well he helps everyone.You can always trust him with everything you can possibly think of. He's another ex of mine but were still close friends :D 

Gingka = Grace - Grace is Awesome, and really weird..xD , she's one of the best friends you can have, i also tell her most secrets on here, :) you can trust her with most things :D We know eachother in real life too, which make us like *Crosses fingers* < super close, lol. She helps everyone, and cares for everyone too :P 

Crash = Tyler-  Ahkay, Crash, another great great friend *Thumbs up again* Supah glad i met him too :D He helps me alot in situations and tries to cheer meh up. :D He's really weird o.o and Random.. and weird.. said that i know.. just making sure you read it. :D xD He will always be in ma awesome list, Ya know why? BECAUSEEEEE HE ISSSS AWESOMEEEE :DDDDDDDD

Fusion - Fusion is AWESOME really really awesome and ALWAYS will be xD thats all i can say. (thats a good thing lol) and funny and weird o.o :D - :D But nuh NOTHINGG CAN BEAT AWESOME, except me, the greatest :3

Brooklyn = Adam- Adam is actually really awesome when you get to know him. Were both the beginning of awesomeness. And i'm very glade i became friends with him :D

Titi -  lol Titi is fun, awesome and you can trust him too, were pretty close friends you can always look up to him and never regret it. :/ He says I'm KINDA < awesome though... JUST BECAUSE I BROKE MY PHONE! He says i microwaved it? o.o Well then, D; He just doesnt understand the word 'Dropped' xD

TyphplosionMaster - Typh is really cool but he dont really talk much but he's still cool and funny. Super Random too. Like seriously lol. 

King4D - KING!, Well what can i say? King is the King lol his fun to talk to, Were good friends too, We never miss a HEYLO MAXIE or HEYLO KING! in chat, lol,.

Joan - Joan is awesome and really helpful he can be funny and really kind and cool you will want to be his friend when you first meet him, Trust me.

Kainye = Kai Blade - Kai's a great friend, Were really good friends, like seriously. He's fun, funny and can be a bit random sometimes, or all the time,.. VERYYY RANNDOMM :D xD.

Charlie- Hmm... I wasnt exactly sure if i wanted to put him here, but meh did, Charlie, he is, well a selfish and stubborn ass and more.. which i cant say :D xD? ... BUT besides all that stuff, he's really helpful, helps me.. well through some rough times, He's fun, he's a good friend of mine. :D

Edboy = Eddyboi - Lol, Ed is really cool, helpful and fun, he's always there if you need to be cheered up or if you just want someone to talk to, he's really kind, and a good friend of mine. :D

if i have not put your name on and you want it on just come find me on chat or leave a message on my profile for me to put it on.

So Enemies lists arent allowed, So people i strongly dislike.  -.-

XxEragonXx - ANNOYING AS HELL O.O Really, a wimp too, coz i hate him, everytimes i enter chat or he enters chat and were both on, he runs away and never comes back o.o.

Samantha123 - :/ Well, she ruined my life on the wiki, She ruined Nattys life, and she hurt Aura, She done loads of bad things, she just ruined the wiki to be honest, she's the worst user here, the most meanest, and selfish, she's a b*tch I mean seriously, Everyone hates her, except her little ex boyfriend. Jade, ShadowJade, :/ So yeah, But she ruined everyones life on here, just because she was Jealous of me and Natty, Because we liked and went out with her crush.. Not naming names...Just look on her Avi. It says the name near the boys neck. lol Shes now obsessed. NEVER EVER Trust her with secrets, unless your literally best friends. Or she hasnt done one little thing bad to you.. 

The truth has been spoken about everyone of those lists, I have some great friends, they are just all awesome, honestly i dont need anymore, i love them all to pieces :3 :P :D ;)

Anyways moving on..

..As i love Damian and Dashan , here are some AWESOME pictures

Damian Hart and Dashan Wang are the best characters EVER

They my favourite of all time and so is Hell Kerbecs/hades and Rock Zurafa and Striker they are all AWESOME.

v v v

Avis others made for me or i made myself.....

' '


My beyblades..






Sol Blaze (Gold)

Sol Blaze (Red)

Beat Lynx

Thermal Lacerta

Flame Sagittario

Thermal pisces

Rock Orso

Rock Scorpio

Evil Gemios

Inferno Sagittario

Fury Capricorn

Poison serpent

Rock Cancer

Legend Cyber Pegasus (Metal masters)

Legend Cyber Pegasus (Hasbro)

Mini L-drago

Storm Capricorn

Thats it.. Sooo

PEACE OUT!!! xD Byeee

By the way, if you are reading this, and came this far and finished on my profile, that means you are TOTALLY AWESOME!! Unless your a stalker O.o or Pedo O.O hopfully not. But yeah. Bye!

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