my 2nd favirote food

love this bey

I live in williamsport maryland im in 5th grade food is spaghetti!

favorite colour is red

My goals- get more wikia points than manahappy hes #1 im currently #38 ill update this number every new badge i get. I also have a interest in deleting all grammar mistakes.

I hate zanykes youtube channel because hes annoying cant take negative comments and his spoiled

I really like drigerg2t illinuc and fewothers i forget

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters

I have 2 bichon poodles

My faorite bey is twisted tempo but my favirote blader is ryuga,too bad hes dead :-[

My first bey was legend Hyper Aquario

Who else has a lucky edit badge i got mine for the 98,000th edit

Need any help go to my advice blog and ask me any question you want i want to help!

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