Sage. Ohlawrd

  • I live in North America
  • My occupation is Gaming/ Here to help
  • I am Male
About me Hello
Hi im Sage. Ohlawrd i love gaming and Helping out wikis to make them better!

I run a YT channel called Sage.Ohlawrd i have 110 subscribers.

I made a new YT called Silent Beyblade Productions i have 4 subscribers

My beyblades: Valtryek V3. Valtryek V2. Diomedes D2. Satomb S3. Xcalius X3. Nepstirus N2. Spryzen S2. Spryzen S4. Luinor L3. Roktavor R2. Anubion A3. Achilles A4. Devolos D5. Kerbeus K4. Balkesh B5. Artemis A5. and Astro A5.

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My favorite pages My friends
Favorite pages: Valt Aoi

Phi Shu Kurenai Dante Koryu Aiger Akabane and Free de la hoya

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