~This Article is about BoltBlader's abilities in the Beyblade RolePlaying world~


  • Hand-to-hand Combat- Crow is well versed in various martial arts and has great accuracy and speed and power.By using his powers he easily improves the normal skill very well.
  • Blades Handling-Crow is excellent when battling with various blades.He is very skilled is throwing knives.He improves most in dagger throwing.He also prefers using a the famous triple bladed Sai when using close combat
  • Increased Stamina-Crow is healthy all the time so he has high stamina.He will almost never tire out from dodging all kinds of attacks to rapidly attacking the opponent.
  • Skilled Tactics-He uses his mind all the time.He can find his opponent's weak spots and even if the opponent has no more power left and is about to do one last powerful attack, Crow knows not to go in for the attack so this shows his patience.
  • Extreme Spirit- Crow always use his willpower of fiery perserverance to accomplish all of his goals.

Superhuman Powers

  • Mythical Monster Aura- Crow was enchanted with a special aura that allows him to take on any exact trait of any mythical creature. Current powers he can use include
    • Dragons: Massive wings, fire breathing, scale armor, ability to summon rain
    • Unicorn: Enchanted horn, healing powers, massive agility
    • Basilisk TO BE CONTINUED
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