About me Hello

Happy 2020!

I can't wait for season 5, aka Beyblade Burst Sparking! Beyblade Burst Rise is just getting started.

Enough about this, I'm 24 and I've been loving anime ever since middle school. Beyblade Burst is one of them.

Favorite colors: Pink, Purple, Blue and Brown

Favorite school subject: Math

Favorite activities: Puzzles

I'm smart, sophisticated, and cool, but sometimes I am a silly and crazy person who loves fun.

In the end, I'm hoping and praying that 2020 will be a good year for me to get a job, finish college, and get a car (after getting a license). C Ya Later! ;)

One team, one world! :) Happy 2020!

My favorite pages My friends

My favorite bladers

Beyblade Burst/Beyblade Burst Evolution

Beyblade Burst Turbo

Beyblade Burst Rise

My favorite teams

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