aka Kel

  • I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I am Female
Salutations! :)

I'm wake-read-eat-sleep. I'm a fangirl, Otaku, and a writer (Kind of?! Not really...). You can call me Kel (that's 1/3 of my actual name). Ummm... well... I'm friendly? You can chat with me if you'd like. I read literally anything (send me your fanfictions) and I'm a huge fan of Beyblade.

I started blading in the early Burst generation, just before the release of Burst Season 1's dub. I a whole lot of beys, my favourites being Hell Salamander, Cho-Z Valkyrie, and Ark Bolkesh. I'm mainly a Takara Tomy person, but I can do Hasbro. My favourite Beyblade character is Daina Kurogami.

Oofles, now that I'm reading this (don't ask why I'm reading my own bio) I realize just how random it seems but whatever.

UwU's to y'all!

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