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    Questions 2.0

    April 7, 2020 by Animalfan21

    Back with some more Burst questions for you guys!

    What do you think of Beyblade Burst Superking so far?

    What do you think was Arthur's reason for wanting to take over the WBBA? That was never really expanded upon.

    Did Blindt ever win any battles off-screen?

    Hyper-Flux, Dark Turbo, Superior Turbo, or Rainbow Turbo?

    Who has the coolest/best special moves?

    Should Count Nightfell have gotten more screentime?

    Best/Worst moments from Turbo and Rise?

    Who's the best antagonist of Beyblade Burst so far?

    Do you think Valt and Phi should've fought in the final battle of Turbo or at least at some point beforehand?

    What Beybattles would you like to have seen happen or want to see?

    Who would win: Lui or Phi?

    How do you think Rantaro and Wakiya developed their respe…

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  • Animalfan21

    Valt: Never gives up, friendly to everyone, and very forgiving. Can't cook, but still tries

    Rantaro: He was the sort of the comic relief guy, but still had some bite to back up his bark. Also had the classic "cool 50s guy" image, and will share his lollipops with you.

    Wakiya: He's arrogant and self-centered, but also actually very generous. Never actually flaunted his wealth, and is always the first one to help his friends when push comes to shove.

    Shasa: Great big sister to Honey, cares about her teammates, and was the only one to prove Valt's loyalty to BC Sol when no one else would. Was also one of the series' first active female Bladers.

    Daigo: Like Shasa, he's an awesome big brother to Ryota. Is right up there with Valt for being the kind…

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  • Animalfan21

    Just a few things I hope will happen in the upcoming 4th season of Beyblade Burst

    1. Bring back some of the old cast (Daigo, Ken, Wakiya, Rantaro, etc.)

    2. Give the Snake Pit a proper origin story and tie up loose ends.

    3. Have Lui return (He only showed up for the Luinor Cup arc, and just vanished afterwards)

    4. Free and Shu returning with a new Gatinko Fafnir and Spriggan, respectively.

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  • Animalfan21

    Just want to know everyone's thoughts/opinions on the Burst series. :D Brace yourself, for I've got a lot of questions! You don't have to answer all of them if you don't want to or don't have an answer.

    Which character(s) do you think is/are the funniest?

    Who do you think had the best character development?

    Who are your favorite/least favorite characters?

    What are your favorite/least favorite episodes?

    What were your favorite/least favorite moments on the show?

    Which character do you think you are most like or relate to the most?

    Are there any characters that you hated/didn’t like at first, but grew to love later on?

    Were there any moments that made you laugh or cry?

    Whose Bey is your favorite?

    Who are your favorite voice actors? (both Japanese and …

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