• Bey Brad

    Hey! I’m Bey Brad, a new admin here at Beyblade Wiki.

    If you happen to know my name already, it’s probably because I’m the founder of the World Beyblade Organization , a community that organizes and ranks competitive Beyblade tournaments across the globe — something we’ve been doing successfully since 2008.

    But the WBO had originally launched in 2007 as a small site named Beywiki, and I created it as a place where I could meet up with my old friends from the Beyblade community, and crucially, preserve all of the information I had compiled about Beyblade in an open encyclopedia.

    But then Metal Fight Beyblade was announced, and the fear of Beyblade disappearing from the internet was gone. And now with Beyblade Burst active in Japan and an interna…

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