Duncan Ravenclaw

  • I live in Ontario, Canada
  • My occupation is Beyblade Wiki Editor, Blader, pokemon Trainer, DigiDestined
  • I am Male
  • Duncan Ravenclaw

    Away For May

    April 30, 2012 by Duncan Ravenclaw

    Yeah its true, Il be away for may and maybe a week or so of june because of some exams and other stuff. I might come on chat sometimes but see you in June. Will miss you all


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  • Duncan Ravenclaw

    My Birthday

    February 10, 2012 by Duncan Ravenclaw

    Hey Guys its my birthday today and im getting kreis cygnus, cant wait to see it. Id really like to spend my bday with you guys but iv got family and friends to attend so see you tommorow

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  • Duncan Ravenclaw

    Guys my ban on by buying beys is over as long as i buy only hasbro blades (though im still gonna buy one or twoo TT beys), and I need help:

    1. Should I buy Omega with oe without the book
    2. Which is better, Night Virgo, Fury Capricorn or Inferno Sagittario
    3. What should i get when zero-g comes out, Pirate Oroia or Samurai Ifreid. IK we dont know anything about them but which sounds cooler?
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  • Duncan Ravenclaw

    Join My Wiki

    December 18, 2011 by Duncan Ravenclaw

    I made a wiki some time ago but didnt announce it since i didnt know if we could advertise it via blogs but since TyphlosionMaster did so i decided to do so too. My wiki is called BDP Hangout wiki, which is for Beyblade, Digimon and Pokemon fans to hangout, so please join. To join write your name on the page,,_Digimon_or_Beyblade%3F

    Thanx and enjoy

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  • Duncan Ravenclaw

    Beyblade News

    December 11, 2011 by Duncan Ravenclaw

    Hey guys, Iv got a lot to tell, where to start? ..... First the good news and then the bad one and then the other good news.

    The good new I just got Wing Pegasus and L-Drago Guardian, wing is great as expected but i dont like Guardian cuz no energy ring, I hate beys without energy rings.

    Bad news, My siblings are getting RBV9 for christmas, Its gonna be my bro's 15th bey and my sis's 4th bey. I just hope they dont get Fusion Hades *fingers crossed*

    Good News again is Im getting Diablo for Christmas and then Kreis Cygnus for my bday in feb, once that happens il have 29 beys. Yeah!!! But my parents say Kreis is the last bey im getting till summer.

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