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"Beyblade Burst™" is the third generation [Notes 1] of Beyblade products produced by Takara Tomy, which was officially released on July 18th of 2015 in Japan. This product line introduces the innovative and dynamic BB system logo.pngBurst System™" [Notes 2] which is a feature equipped in every Beyblade top of this generation, which causes them to burst into pieces during battle. Hasbro began worldwide distribution of Beyblade Burst™ products in September of 2016 under the name Beyblade Burst™ Performance Top System™ brand.

What is the Beyblade Burst™ Performance Top System™?

Takara Tomy's Burst System™, and by extension, Hasbro's Beyblade Burst™ Performance Top System™, is the structure archetype for third-generation Beyblade tops and utilizes a three-component modular system that players (called Bladers) can use to customize their Beys. This aside, the signature gimmick of the Burst System™ is the innovative “Burst” feature which adds a new layer of strategy to gameplay. Alongside the traditional “Spin Finish” and “Over Finish”, with the “Burst” feature, Beyblade Burst™ tops will burst into pieces if enough damage is sustained during a battle, resulting in a “Burst Finish”.

Performance Top System™ Components

Each Beyblade Burst™ top is composed of 3 central parts, each playing a distinct role in how the top will perform.


The ENERGY LAYER™ represents an ancient fighting spirit and acts as the main point of contact between two tops in combat. Each ENERGY LAYER™ affects how the BEYBLADE BURST™ top engages with an opponent when they collide in battle.


The FORGE DISC™ is a die-cast metal ring that sits between the ENERGY LAYER™ and PERFORMANCE TIP™. Each disc varies in weight and shape to affect the center of gravity and weight of the top, causing different reactions in battle.


The PERFORMACE TIP™ serves as the base of every BEYBLADE BURST™ top and influences how your BEYBLADE BURST™ top maneuvers around the BEYBLADE BURST Beystadium™.

Beyblade Burst Product Series

Announced in April 2015, Takara Tomy revealed their third-generation Beyblades to Japanese consumers. In promotional material, Takara Tomy would outline the details of their new product and their new Burst System

BB dual system logo.png The Dual Layer System Series

The second series of Beyblade Burst tops launched in Japan in April 2016 by Takara Tomy and introduced Bladers to the BB dual system logo.png "Dual Layer Series"[Notes 3]. This product line featured Energy Layers utilizing the BB dual system logo.png "Dual Layer System" [Notes 4], which revised, composite design, using a two-tier, gestalt structure comprising a Layer Core and Over Layer. The Layer Core is the central component of the Dual Layer that acts as a base for the Over Layer, and usually facilitates major combat functions. This component also features the effigy of the Beyblade's Avatar. Conversely, the Over Layer is the clear-material component(s) of the Dual Layer that covers the Layer Core and assists in shock absorption during collisions. This component also features the initials of the Dual Layer (engraved in its center). Most Over Layers are designed for added shock absorption and to complement the Layer Core.

The term"Triple Layer" [Notes 5] is used to describe any Energy Layer within the Dual Layer Series that utilized a three-tier structure. This applies almost exclusively to the Xeno Xcalibur and Lost Longinus Energy Layers. The hallmark feature of this design is the inclusion of an additional layer part(s) atop the Over Layer. Both Energy Layers have features unique from each other, with Xeno Xcalibur possessing a sword-shaped "Sword Layer" [Notes 6] and Lost Longinus possessing "Metal Dragon Layer Parts [Notes 7].

BB god system logo.png Evolution Beys: The God Layer System & SwitchStrike™ Tech

The third series of Beyblade Burst tops, known as the "God Layer Series"[Notes 8][1] in Japan, officially released in Japan by Takara Tomy on March 18, 2017 with the BB god system logo.png B-73 Starter: God Valkyrie.6V.Rb pack.

This series of Beyblade Burst tops utilize the BB god system logo.png God Layer System[Notes 9], which features advanced Energy Layers, each equipped with a unique, mechanical feature called a God Ability[Notes 10][2][3] that that affects the way the Beyblade top behaves in battle.

The God Layer Series is also the series in which the customizable, two-part Forge Disc was introduced into the Burst System™.


FORGE DISCS™ designed specifically to support interchangeable RINGS™ that augment their combat capabilities.


RINGS™ are accessories that provide extra combat capability when equipped to compatible FORGE DISCS™.

Within the Burst System™, Ring-Compatible Forge Discs[Notes 11] function in similar fashion as single-piece Forge Discs and comes in a variety of weights, designs, and shapes, but with a distinct design quality that enables them to equip Rings[Notes 12][4]. Rings provide an added layer of capability to a Forge Disc that is normally unavailable to them, which can drastically alters how the Beyblade top behaves in battle. These type of Forge Discs are given the Frame Compatibility[Notes 13] label (denoted by the small, blue box beside the image of the Disc description at the rear of the product package) and are compatible with other Discs.

Incidentally, this very innovation was first introduced with the Heavy Metal System series of First Generation Beyblades, featuring similar two-part, Customized Weight Disks.

The God Layer Series also introduced circular tokens called a God Chip[Notes 14] that rest at the center of the God Layer. These God Chips provided aesthetics to the Beyblade, but offered no practical value. Many players would discover through examination, that these parts could be removed with little effort. In time, Takara Tomy would produce a variety of God Chip called the Metal God Chip[Notes 15], which provided more value in competitive play because of their increased weight.

BB choz system logo.png Turbo Beys: The Cho-Z Layer System & SlingShock™ Tech

The fourth series of Beyblade Burst tops, known as the "Cho-Z Layer Series[Notes 16][5] in Japan, introduced the "Cho-Z Layer System"[Notes 17] and were officially launched in Japan by Takara Tomy on March 17, 2018 with the BB choz system logo.png B-104 Starter: Winning Valkyrie.12.Vl, B-105 Starter: Z-Achillies.11.Xt and B-106 Booster: Emperor Forneus.0.Yr packs.

Called Turbo Beys[Notes 18][6] in various media, these Beyblade Burst tops feature Energy Layers with die-cast metal parts, resulting in more intense, higher-impact battles. Similar to the previous series, each "Cho-Z Layer"[Notes 19] is equipped with a signature action, gimmick or property called a "Cho-Z Ability"[Notes 20] that changes the performance of a Beyblade during battle, with some possessing capabilities which influence the Bey's Burst System™ feature.

The series also continues the use of Two-Part Forge Discs with new Ring-Compatible Forge Discs and Rings into the product line that are backward-compatible with previous Two-Part Forge Discs.

Similar to the God Chips of the God Layer Series, Cho-Z Layers have a signature customization option in form of a hoop-shaped accessory called a "Level Chips"[Notes 21]; an item that would be absent from Hasbro's Hasbro BB SlingShock Icon.png SlingShock product line. Level Chips fit beneath the 'face' of a Cho-Z Layer, improving various facilities of the Energy Layer such as stability, locking mechanism, even weight when equipped. Level Chips also plays a special role in official wbba. competitions and are usually exclusively obtainable at official wbba. events. Though, they can be acquired through alternative means (i.e. CoroCoro promotional).

In an attempt to differentiate it's products from it's Takara-Tomy counterpart, Hasbro released their Hasbro BB SlingShock Icon.png SlingShock product line. Beyblade tops in this toyline retains the Burst System™ and the same basic design elements as Beyblade tops in Takara Tomy's Cho-Z Layer System product line. However, Hasbro, as a development strategy, would make several changes to substitute the zinc-alloy material (the hallmark of Takara-Tomy's Cho-Z Layers) for plastic in the manufacture of their Energy Layers. This series marked the shift in marketing and development of their brand to the development of more Beystadium and Performance Tip-oriented products with the main feature of this series being mode-changing Performance Tips that were designed to be compatible with specialized Beystadiums.

BB system logo gt layer.pngGamma Beys: The Gatinko Layer System & HyperSphere™ Tech

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Japan's fourth series of Beyblade Burst tops were released in March 2019, starting with BB system logo gt layer.png B-133 DX Starter: Ace Dragon.St.Ch Zan, introducing the "Gatinko Layer System"[Notes 22], stylized as GaTinko LAYER SYSTEM. In place of a single-piece Energy Layer, the Gatinko Layers are comprised of three pieces:

GT CHIP [Notes 23]

GT Chips determine whether the top spins to the left or spins to the right.

WEIGHT [Notes 24]

Only available and compatible with Takara Tomy™ Gatinko Layer Series and Hasbro Beyblade Burst Pro Series tops, Weights affects the center of gravity and weight of the Energy Layer, causing different reactions in battle.


Affects how the top engages with an opponent when they collide in battle and also helps determine spin direction.

Called Gamma Beys[Notes 26] in various mediums, the Gatinko Layer System offers Bladers the option of customizing their Beys in greater depth than in previous series. With a few exceptions, Bladers will notice that Gatinko Layers do not possess specialized, die-cast metal parts that were the signature feature of the Cho-Z Layer Series. Bladers may also note the considerable size of a typical Gatinko Layer which can have 10% to 30% bigger than Energy Layers from the previous series.

On the marketing side, the Gatinko Layer Series does continue the tradition of signature abilities for each Beys, in this series called a "Gatinko Ability" [Notes 27]; most of which highlighting the special qualities of their gimmicks.

During the final phase of the series production cycle, Takara Tomy released a new Anti-Burst mechanic in the form of the Mugen Lock System [Notes 28], which prevents the Bey from Bursting using a special mechanism which allows the Burst Lock to shift indefinitely. This feature was only available with Energy Layer found with the B-153 03 PRIME αPOCALYPSE.0D.Ul', B-153 04 REGALIA γENESIS.Hy, and B-157 BIGBANG γENESIS.0.Ym found in the Gatinko Customize Set.

The Beyblade Burst™ Hypersphere™ series, introduce by Hasbro, features Hypersphere™ Performance Tips designed to climb the vertical walls of Hypersphere™ Beystadiums™ and battle on the brink. Get the drop on your opponents with Hypersphere tech! Battle in a Hypersphere Beystadium and drop into battle for more epic burst moments. Beyblade Burst Rise™ Hypersphere™ tops come with a removable GT Chip in the Energy Layer. Interchangeable with other right-spin GT Chip-compatible tops.

SuperKing Beys: The SuperKing Layer System & Speedstorm Technology!!

The SuperKing Layer System[Notes 29] is the fifth product line in the Beyblade Burst™ franchise produced by TakaraTomy and introduces a new, revolutionary class of Beyblade Burst™ tops with customizable Energy Layers.

Called Lightning Beys [Notes 30] in other localized media, Bladers can customize the Energy Layers of SuperKing Beys, similar to Energy Layers from Takara Tomy's Gatinko Layer Series and Hasbro's Hypersphere tops. However, SuperKing Layers are composed of a different system of parts than what were used in the previous series:


Locks all components of the SuperKing Layer together. Contains a Chip Core [Notes 32], which comes in regular and metal core varieties.

RING [Notes 33]

Provides the weaponry and determines the battle style of the SuperKing Layer.

CHASSIS [Notes 34]

Provides the base upon which the other SuperKing Layer components assemble upon. The Chassis also determines Spin Direction and controls the weight and center-of-gravity of the SuperKing Layer.

SuperKing Layers appear to be really simple to customize and offer a level of modification that no other kind of Energy Layer can match!

SuperKing Beys will make their first, official release with the B-159 Booster: Super Hyperion.Xc 1A and B-160 Booster: King Helios.Zn 1B.

News of this new (and presumably final) product line was teased in late February of 2020 by Japanese media sources. Similar to the GT Layer System, this latest parts system features a new Customizable Energy Layers with a revised customization mechanic than the previous Beyblade Burst parts system.

The SuperKing Layer System also continues the tradition of named special features for their Beys, in this series called a "SuperKing Ability"[Notes 35].

Throughout its production cycle, this series would introduce many, new parts into the product line such as High Drivers[Notes 36], which which were released on October 24, 2020 in the Beyblade Burst B-178 Random Booster Vol.24[Notes 37] and are pre-existing Drivers with extension parts[Notes 38] installed to increase their height.

Nearing the end of series line, the SuperKing Layer System would adapt the "Limit Break System"[Notes 39]. This was a specialized gimmick system which implemented specialized Rings and Forge Discs which would work in conjunction with each other to activate the Bey's high-performance mode at different stages of the Burst Lock, dependent upon the type of Limit Break compatible Discs equipped. Only three Beyblades were produced that featured this system: HYPERION BURN.CHO.Xc'+X[Notes 40] and HELIOS VOLCANO.OU.Zn'+Z[Notes 41] (which were released in the B-174 Beyblade Limit Break DX Set[Notes 42]) and the BEYBLADE BURST B-175 Booster: LUCIFER THE END.KOU.Dr[Notes 43].

The SuperKing Layer Series would complete its product cycle with the introduction of Metal Lock Drivers[Notes 44]. Introduced in the Beyblade Burst B-178 Random Booster Vol.24[Notes 45], these enhanced Drivers feature metal lock parts[Notes 46] and reinforced springs [Notes 47].

Dynamite Battle Beys: The Dynamite Battle Layer Series!!

The Dynamite Battle Layer System[Notes 48] is the sixth product line in the Beyblade Burst™ franchise produced by TakaraTomy and introduces a new, revolutionary class of Beyblade Burst™ tops with customizable Energy Layers.

Beys within the Dynamite Battle Layer Series[Notes 49] allows Bladers the ability to customize DB Layers, similar to Energy Layers from the Takara Tomy Gatinko and SuperKing Layer Series, and Hasbro Hypersphere, Speed Storm, and select Pro Series tops. Regarding DB Layers, they are composed of a different system of parts than what were used in the previous series:


Determine the DB Layer's locking style and Spin Direction.

BLADE [Notes 51]

Provides the weaponry and determines the battle style of the DB Layer as well as secures all components of the DB Layer together.

ARMOR [Notes 52]

The Armor controls the height, weight, and center-of-gravity of the DB Layer.

Dynamite Battle Beys will make their first, official release with the B-180 Booster: Dynamite Belial.Nx.Vn-2 [Notes 53]

The Beys within the Dynamite Battle Layer Series can switch between two performance modes depending upon the assemblage of the DB Layer. High Mode (ハイモード, Hai Mōdo), which is represented by "+", can be achieved by assembling the DB Layer in the following order: Core → Blade → Armor; Low Mode (ローモード, Rō Mōdo), which is represented by "-", can be achieved by assembling the DB Layer in the following order: Armor → Blade → Core.

The Dynamite Battle Layer Series also introduces a type of Forge Disc into the Burst System™.


These FORGE DISCS™ were designed specifically to accomodate the two performance modes of a DB Layer.


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