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This is non-canon. This Beyblade may be appearing in one of my fanfictions, so be warned that this page will contain spoilers.

Singularity Aurgelmir 12' Assault'-9 (シングレリティ オーゲルミール・トウェルブ ダッシュ・アサルト ダッシュ・ナイン, Shingureriti Ōgerumīru Torerubu Dasshu Asaruto Dasshu-9), stylised as ςingularity αurgelmir 12' αssault'-9, is a Balance Type Beyblade that would be part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. As a fan-made Beyblade, it is set to appear in one of Yuhun's stories, and is owned by Yagarish.

DB Core - Aurgelmir

" The motif is of the first being, Aurgelmir. A Dual-Spin DB Core which can spin either left or right using a dedicated tool that releases a Burst Stopper when the Beyblade is struck with a powerful force. "

Blade - Singularity

" A Dual-Spin Blade which possesses high Attack and Stamina potential. Singularity also boasts a spin-absorbing function thanks to the rubber parts attached to the Blade. "

Armor - 9

Main article: Armor - 9

Forge Disc - 12'

12' would be the improved QuadDrive / Dynamite Battle Layer System version of 12.

Performance Tip - Assault'

Main article: Performance Tip - Assault'

Assault' is a wider version of Accel. It is a flat-based Performance Tip and is the same height as all previous Performance Tips released in the Beyblade Burst series. The top of the Driver features a symbol called alpha (α, the first letter of the Greek alphabet) which represents "αssault", for easy recognition between other Performance Tips. While Bladers commonly spell it as Assault, the use of the α in the official spelling ensures that the one-part-per-letter rule gets followed in the Burst System, instead of doubling the As.

Assault' performs like a standard flat tip, but it is just much faster around the stadium compared to previous releases because of its tip's wider circumference. The enhanced speed makes Assault' great for Attack Combinations, but this comes with sacrifices of control of the Beyblade. Due to the speed this Driver produces, it makes it a lot harder to pull off a flower pattern by Banking or performing a Sliding Shoot. As such, it is mostly only good at defeating Mobile Combinations that wander close to the Tornado Ridge, which it follows wildly once it catches onto it. The larger surface of contact's higher friction also comes at the expense of lower Stamina, with Assault' losing spin velocity earlier than smaller flat tips and delivering mediocre hits by the time it reaches the center of the stadium.

Like other Dash Performance Tips, Assault' features a stronger spring lock, increasing the Performance Tip's Burst Resistance.



Concept Art


  • Similar to its two currently unnamed predecessors, Singularity Aurgelmir's name is a combination of the word singularity, the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular, and Aurgelmir, depicted in Norse mythology as the first being to come to life.
  • Singularity Aurgelmir and its two unnamed predecessors reference Aurgelmir, a song in rhythm games Groove Coaster 4MAX and the Nintendo Switch version of Arcaea. The song is composed by Yuma Minami (溝口ゆうま), vocalised by Ai Oshera/Ai Ohsera (大瀬良あい), and has a varying BPM of 122-230.
    • Additionally, the singularity portion of Singularity Aurgelmir's name references another song in Arcaea, Singularity, composed by ETIA. with a constant BPM of 175.
    • The motif, overall appearance and avatar of Singularity Aurgelmir also draw inspiration from Aurgelmir as depicted in Aurgelmir's jacket art.
  • Singularity Aurgelmir is one of two Beyblades that Yagarish uses in Beybattles, the other being Tiamat Grand Tact. Coincidentally, they both use the 9 Armor.