When Beyblade Battles was updated,Hasbro publish a commercial...

The BeyWarriors Commercial

If you want look the commercial :

(P.S:sorry for the French URL)

If you don't know BeyWarriors, let me explain: BeyWarriors is a spin-off toyline of Beyblade Zero-G/Shogun Steel by Hasbro. These are

Archer Griffin, a BeyWarrior Battler

similar to the Fighting Spirits for the Original Series but they are customizable they are composed of a Battle Core , Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tip.

3 types of BeyWarriors:

  • Speed Attack
  • Range Attack
  • Endurance Attack

For my personnal opinion, BryWarriors are cool. Hasbro make me suprised

Stay tune for more informations !!! =)

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