Meteoldragoguy Meteoldragoguy 27 February 2012

Good custom beys

Hey guys you guys need good combos for tournaments well i will put down list of top 10 that will change as i try out more please DO NOT edit this page if you have suggestions please email me at i will try them out if i have the parts these are a list of parts i have.

energy rings- tempo,striker,fireblaze,virgo,pegasus,pegasus2,bull,l-drago, l-drago2,byxis,kerbecks,eagle,orso,lacerta,l-drago rush,libra

fusion wheels-twisted,ray,burn,earth,poision,galaxy,dark,lightning,meteo,hades,rock,thermal,flame

spin tracks- 100,W105,ED145,BD145,230,145,135,D125,H145,GB145,T125,WA130

performance tips- WD,CS,MS,BS,JB,R2F,SD,HF,LF,DS,ES,HFstamina version.

OK top 10 time going…

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Meteoldragoguy Meteoldragoguy 25 February 2012

beyblade advice

any questions about this wiki or about the chat publish it her ill answer

does askinga question on this page and 3 others get me a badge

to me- yes it does

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