Yo minna, I'm Taha. I'm quite new to the wiki and hav'nt done many edits :/ but i wanted to make a blog game on the wiki for u guys to enjoy as there are many blog games on the IE wiki and i felt like u guys should have one too just for enjoyment, I hope u guys have fun


  1. You guys can use any info u know to debate and make your decision for the vote
  2. There will be 30 rounds
  3. Rounds will last mostly a day (may last longer sometimes because of school :P )
  4. Votes from a wiki contributer will not be accepted (sorry, just create an account, it's not that hard :/)
  5. You can only vote for one person
  6. Dont be rude plz
  7. It's simple all u have to do is vote for the person u think is better

Round 1

Kyoya (3) VS Max (0)

Winner is: Kyoya

Round 2

Tyson (4) VS Masamune (5)

Winner is: Masamune

Round 3

Kenta (3) VS Kai (7)

Winner is: Kai

Round 4 (bey round)

Hades Kerbecs BD145DS (7) VS Twisted Tempo 145WD (4)

Winner is: Hades Kerbecs BD145DS

Round 5 (Hissatsu round)

Starblast Attack (5) VS Galaxy Storm (3)

Winner is: Starblast Attack

Round 6

Kai (2) VS Masamune (0)

Winner is: Kai

Round 7 (bey round)

Blitz Striker 100RSF (3) VS Flash Sagittario 230WD (2)

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