Variares 4D

aka Mitch

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is being a weeb
  • I am all fired up
  • Variares 4D

                                  Today is my two year anniversary at this Wiki! :D

    Hello, fellow wiki users. I am Variares 4D, but you may already know that. Today marks two years since I joined this wiki (April 9th 2012). If you do not know I'm a user who's often on Chat that edits every once and a while. So, uh yeah, 2 years. It's been a wild ride, lots of ups and downs. My current edit total is like 303 edits (most of those are from my profile, don't tell anyone though). I've made 50 custom avatars for myself. I have made many friends along this amazing two year journey, although I never really see some of them now.... Anyway. Uh.... I don't know what else to write (this happened to me last year). I guess I'll just end it here.

    Before I go, …

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  • Variares 4D
    Today I hit 1 Year on this here Wiki :D.

    Hello I am Variares 4D, you may know me from Chat because I spend alot of time on that. Well even if you don't know me today I hit 1 year of being on this Wiki. I have made 112 edit as this blog is being posted (9th of April) and I know I could have more but hey I can work on that this year. Thats about it so Bye.

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  • Variares 4D

    Okay a couple of weeks ago I hit 6 months and I know its not as important as 1 year but im glad I hit 6 months! =D

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