Listen, I'm taking it apon myself to take control of the vast Role Play world that exists in Beyblade chat. This is just a proposal for now, I wanna see what the community thinks. I've explored to other wiki's and many of them have a role play world just like ours but they set boundaries that allow there community to be a fair place that avoids conflict and the first step to that is controlling the super natural abilities that we all claim to have.

What I'm saying is that several of the users here role play on chat and get into non serious but "play" fights. But on several occasions this can lead to conflict on the matter of "cheating" or being the ruler of everything in chat. So here goes nothing, I prepose that me and any other volunteers can distribute fair and equal powers among all of our friends.

So here are the basic rules:

  • Everyone has the right to a super power
  • No two people can have the same super power, UNLESS the person who uptained it first allows it.
  • No one is allowed to be overpowered, me and any volunteers of my choosing will decide the fairness
  • The abilities stregth can be measured by your rank on the wiki (ex: Chat Mod, Admin, Crat)
  • You cannot uptain more than one super power unless you are an admin, this is so that they are able to keep control of the role play world that exists within Beyblade Wiki Chat.
  • When you have obtained your ability you are to place it on a designated heading on your profile.

Example Powers:

  • Desboy96 (Crat) - All the abilities of a dragon in a capable human body: Dragon Scales (Steel Skin), Dragon Lungs (Eat and Breathe Fire) and the control over fire. Also the ability to flash step (Move faster than the eye can see)
  • Gingka and Co (Admin) . - Immortality
  • Callum (Mod) - Controls shadows that can edge to be as sharp as steel.
  • Flameos (Noob) - Invisability

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!!

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