We here at Beyblade Wiki strive to build a community, but it's beginning to become difficult when we're flooded with more people, meaning more responsibility and there not even willing to help. Most of our users refer to these people as "Noobs". These people rarely edit but they stay in chat or around the wiki by editing with little to no quality, or even quantity. What really ticks me off is that these people then think they deserve their share of the wiki, where they can feel like there part of the democracy. Well, it's not fair and I wont stand for it. Your share isn't a birthright, it has to be EARNED and with that I propose the No Edit No Credit Act. This states that users who have not performed quality edits or helped the wiki in a significant shape or form do not have a say in how the wiki is run or have the right to complain about it either. You joined and didn't even help, you don't like it then leave! I will always be there to encourage the community but I will not stand by while the responsible ones standby with the weight of a lazy community hovering over our shoulders. So get off your butts and help us make Beyblade Wiki a better place. Either that or standby, shut up and play by the rules. No more "Mr. Nice Des".

Here is the base of the proposal. Users who have made an impact with either their quality or quantity of edits will earn their opinion, fair and square. Users who have retired or semi-retired, under the circumstances that they have already made in impact, will have earned their share too. Users who are working to earn there share will be treated as if they have there own. This is not based on how much you edit but why you're here and if do YOU want to help. If you're here to standby and watch then do just that, don't criticize and complain about something your not apart of. And with that, I make my stand against the Noob Infestation!

{{SUBST:User:Desboy96/Sig}} 19:48, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

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