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~Mana~ ~Mana~ 11 August 2016

Beyblade Burst Localisation details!

Oh look, a news post! I don't do these very often these days, but now is a better time than any to start.

The Beyblade Burst mobile app was released today (August 11th, 2016) on the Apple App Store in the US & Canada and, with this release and the release of some trademarks, a number of details have been revealed regarding both the mobile app and the toyline itself.

As expected, the Burst app follows the same style as it's predecessor,, in that you have virtual battles against opponents using parts collected from scanning product codes. Sounds very familiar, right?

The battles follow the same Burst ruleset that is featured in Japanese tournaments; First to 3 points, 1 point for a Survivor Finish (TT Version: Spin Finish) and 2 …

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~Mana~ ~Mana~ 18 February 2016

Time for a new Wiki Wordmark!

Hey all! Just a quick post today to showcase the new Wordmark that we'll be using going forward. While the previous wordmark looked great, I actually sorted that wordmark nearly four years ago now. It's crazy how fast time just flies by!

The new wordmark revolves around the Beyblade Burst series, and utilises the design from Hasbro to show our support for the localisation. While I cannot say for certain whether the wordmark will remain like this for the foreseeable future, it freshens up the header of the Wiki and provides a logo that fits in with the theme.

So, without further do, I present the wordmark;

A simple design change, but it looks neat nonetheless. We've also updated the wordmark to use a while silhouette of Valkyrie to reflect the …

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~Mana~ ~Mana~ 4 January 2016

Recent Changes to Character Names

Hey all! I hope you've all had a great Christmas and New Year with your families and friends! 2016 is definitely the year of Beyblade, and I hope you'll stick with both the franchise and the Wiki throughout this year!

However, we have to, unfortunately, start this year off on a bad note, and one that will have a massive impact on not only editors but the entire fandom as a whole. An issue with the names of some characters recently came to our attention and we feel it is within our best interest to address this for transparency and clarity.

  • 1 The Situation
  • 2 How Did This Happen?
  • 3 Affected Characters
  • 4 Actions Taken
  • 5 Conclusion

It recently came to our attention that a number of character names on the Wiki have been massively incorrect and misleading. …

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~Mana~ ~Mana~ 10 October 2015

Preparatory Changes to the Wiki

Hello there everyone! I just wanted to pop a quick update to address some changes to the Wiki within the coming months.

So as you've probably already seen if you've been keeping watch on our Twitter, on the World Beyblade Organisation website or if you've read Brad's recent blog post, Beywiki will be merging into Beyblade Wiki! This is a massive process with hundreds of articles needing to be merged and/or created, so we hope you'll support us with our endeavours in your own way!

With this merger, we've decided to make a few changes to the Wiki.

  • 1 New Infoboxes
  • 2 New Administration Team
  • 3 Addition of the New Article Menu
  • 4 Introduction of Part Specific Articles
  • 5 Removal of Voice Actor articles
  • 6 Removal of the Forums
  • 7 Multilingual Articles
  • 8 The Presence o…

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~Mana~ ~Mana~ 9 August 2015

A new Era, a new start!

It feels like forever since I last did a blog post on the Wiki. Two years have passed by quickly, eh?

Hello fellow contributors! It's nice to see you all still residing on the Wiki after all these years! For those of you who don't know who I am due to my elongated absence: I'm ~Mana~, the last remaining Bureaucrat here at Beyblade Wiki following the retirement of EdBoy3 and disappearance of DranzerX13. I've been a member of the community for five years, and I'm raring to get back into action here and whip the Wiki back into shape!

As you may have noticed, the Wiki has undergone some changes today. I'll be sectioning this blog post to help you know when I've stopped each topic. (Yes, I have a lot to talk about. Wonderful.)

  • 1 New Theme & Homepag…

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