Okay, I'm pleased to announce that, after deliberation on whether to run a video blog for the past six months, I have finally gone ahead with the idea.

Introducing BeyCast, an all new Video Blog starting in Fall 2012! BeyCast will be a weekly video cast featuring yours truly, while also using Skype to feature guests from the Wiki to take part in discussions, if any. This will also be launched on YouTube.

As it stands, I am not sure whether I will use my existing channel or a completely new one, but I can assure you nothing will be different, whichever I use.

I also currently lack a decent camera (I need a job badly...), so the first few episodes will more than likely be LQ (except sound, I'll run that differently).

As such, there will be a dedicated Portal page on the Wiki for people to volunteer for each discussion. There are restrictions though:

  • You must have a Skype account. Tinychat is unreliable, and Skype allows for conference calls and easy control.
  • You must have a valuable contribution to the discussion.
  • You have to try to be confident in your speaking. Bare in mind, this is being launched on YouTube, so people will see it.

I do not know what day a new video should be posted currently, but I will be leaving that up to you guys, so vote at the bottom of the blog!
Also, please leave me feedback in the comments to show if you're interested in this happening, and any criticism or suggestions.

Thanks everyone!

What day should BeyCast episodes become available on?

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