Well, it seems the recent rampage of angry Beyblade fans over the past six months has triggered a change of heart for Hasbro.

We can now officially confirm that Hasbro will be releasing the 4D System, the way that the Beys were intended. This means multiple piece Fusion Wheels and 4D Bottoms are on their way! Meet L-Drago Destructor F:S and Cosmic Pegasus F:D!

Of course, this is Hasbro we're talking about; they can't leave things 100% as they're supposed to be, so here's the pathetic colourings we'll be seeing;

L-Drago Destructor F:S

L-Drago Destructor FS Hasbro.png
Face Bolt: Dark Blue
4D Fusion Wheel: Gold/Lime Green
4D Track: Gold
Cosmic Pegasus F:D

Cosmic Pegasus FD Hasbro.png
Face Bolt: Red
Energy Ring: Red
4D Fusion Wheel: Blue/Orange
4D Track: Red

A new BeyStadium was also announced alongside this.

Hyper Strike BeyStadium.png

The Hyper Strike BeyStadium is just your usual Hasbro Stadium, but compatibility issues with 4D Bottoms have been fixed, with the previous ridge you may see in stadiums such as your Pegasus Thunder Whip Stadium now being removed.

However, as of current, it is unclear if the two Beys are included with the Stadium, or whether you can buy each separately, but when this is discovered, we shall update this post with the information.

So guys, what do you think about this turn of events? Did Hasbro compensate for their lack of 4D before, or did they completely ruin it with the colour schemes? Comment below with your opinions!

Happy blading!

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