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The V-Track.

The V-Track is a BeyWheelz-stylized game piece released in the Ripshot Battle Set. Just like the BeyArena from the Crash Course Battle Set, it offers another way to experience BeyWheelz battling.


Being over three-feet long, the V-Track is constructed of three, lime-green track pieces that emulate a road commonly found on race-car toy products. At the end of these pieces exist blue ramps that connect around them. As a result, the V-Track offers three ways to battle: two can rip their BeyWheelz along the green road to ultimately crash in impact, race them along the green highway or fly them up the blue ramps for stunts, tricks and jumps.

Because of the way of how the green pieces are designed, it may be possible to purchase more than one copy of the Ripshot Battle Set in order to further lengthen the size of the track for increased play value.