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Valtryek, known as Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー, Varukirī) in Japan, is the recurring character of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst.


Victory/Genesis/Strike Valtryek

Beyblade Burst God God Valkyrie 6Vortex Reboot avatar 9.png

Valtryek is an androgynous humanoid clad in light-blue armor with a large gold "V" on the chest, a turquoise cape, a wing-style buckle, has six yellow eyes, a helmet with purple wing-style appendages, wields a thin jagged sword with a four-pronged hilt and a black hilt, and rides a dark-blue wingless horse with dark-gray plates and mahogany mane and tail. The armor also sports gold plating: an abdominal one, one on the back of each hand, one on each knee and a gold outline on the shin guard.

Wonder Valtryek

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu Winning Valkyrie 12 Volcanic avatar 14.png

Valtryek's light-blue armor now has blue sections: the hands, bicep area, abdominal plating, and the shin guards. The downward pauldrons are now horizontal with two gold accents and a blue protrusion at the end. The helmet now sports a segmented knight comb, the wings are now blue and with a golden yellow frame connected to a yellow border around the faceplate. The "V" crest is now golden-yellow with a small amber "W" crest and a red orb. The buckle is now silver with red, blue and yellow sections on it. The vambraces have a blue underside, golden-yellow borders on the top and bottom, and a red gem on the forearm section. The sword is larger with a less jagged blade, and the golden-yellow hilt is now an upside-down "V" with a "W" and a red gem. The horse gains dark-gray armor with turquoise gems and crimson-red mane and tail.

Turbo Valtryek

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution avatar 14.png

The red gems on Valtryek's chest armor, vambraces, and knee pads are now gray. The blue extensions on her pauldrons are red, and a buckle now with silver strip around her waist. The "W" symbol on both the crest and the sword's hilt with the triangular extension on the blade's base is now metallic-red. The protrusion on her helmet's top is red. The segmented armor on the upper four eyes are colored amber. The silver around the mouth guard is now yellow. Additionally, her horse's dark-blue skin is now white.

Sword Valtryek

Beyblade Burst Gachi Slash Valkyrie Blitz Power Retsu avatar 13.png

Valtryek's body now appears more masculine with onyx skin, her eyes have been reduced to two and are green, and sports light-blue armor with red accents. The vambraces are larger with three gold spikes and frame on each, the shin guards have silver sections and a red gem with a yellow frame and line underneath, the pauldrons sport red accents, the buckle is now golden-yellow with red, blue and light-blue sections, a turquoise cape, and the helmet sports metal wings, a red "V" crest atop and orange accents. The sword is now wider with an original lining, a dark-blue base with red markings, a silver misshapen "V" hilt and a midnight-blue handle. The white horse's silver armor has been lessen and sports gold highlights.

Brave Valtryek

Beyblade Burst Superking Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A avatar 24.png

Valtryek's body now has onyx and light-blue skin, long red hair, sports blue armor with red and gold frames and lines, the turquoise cape, and a red buckle on the belt reminiscent to the Superking Core on the Valkyrie Superking Chip. The armor also sports sports blue-green gems on the pauldrons, vambraces and shin guards, the vambraces' gold spikes have been reduced to two, the pauldrons have red and gold accents, the shin guards sports a gold frame at the base, and the helmet is sleeker, sports a gold metal wing on each side, a small red "V" crest on the forehead section under a large gold "V" crest, and the blue faceplate sports Valt's Beyblade symbol on the left side. The sword now has a blue base with a light-blue frame, a blue-green gem with a red frame around it on the blade's lower base, and a gold hilt and handle. The white horse's silver armor has increased and sports blue-green gems and red/blue/gold highlights.

Savior Valkyrie

Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle Savior Valkyrie Shot-7 avatar 35.png

Ultimate Valkyrie

Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable'-9 avatar 35.png


Valtryek is a loyal partner to Valt in and out of Beybattles. She gives good advice to Valt and helps guide him on his way to victory. Her wisdom and hope makes Valt grow as a person and as a blader.



Beyblade Burst

During Valt's battle with Rantaro in Episode 01, Valtryek first appeared as a spirit, where she would lay down her sword on Valt's launcher, and lowered it.

Beyblade Burst Evolution

Before the International Blader's Cup semi-finals tomorrow in Episode 49, Valtryek once again appears as a spirit upon Valt at night, and was encouraged that she always been by Valt's side and the latter will standby him for the battle against Free De La Hoya. In Episode 51, during Valt's final match with the possessed Shu, Valtryek believes in Valt as he is struggling to free his best friend from Spryzen's control.

Beyblade Burst Turbo

In Beyblade Burst Turbo, after evolving into Turbo Valtryek, she appeared in front of Valt in a light blue dreamscape in silence, prompting Valt to never give up until he reaches Valtryek's Turbo Awakening.

She appears in episode 32, during the rematch between Valt and Free. She appeared again in episode 37, during the match with Hyde, she gives Valt the heads up and the courage to beat him. She appears in episode 51 as a  spirit and guide, during the championship title against Aiger.

Beyblade Burst Rise

She appeared in episode 1, during Valt's beybattle against Dante Koryu.

Beyblade Burst Surge


Valt Aoi

She always gives Valt the determination in beybattles. Just like his friends, she helps him survive every obstacle in front of him. Her encouragement is the reason why Valt is the blader he is; the strong and wiser blader.


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  • Despite being based off of the female Valkyrie, as shown in the final episode of Evolution when she speaks to Valt, she has a rather deep, masculine voice in the dub.
  • Valtryek is the first main protagonist avatar to have their name changed in the International release of the Burst anime.
  • Valtryek is the only main protagonist avatar to have the same English voice actor as their owner.