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Valtryek V2 Bumper Assault, known as Victory Valkyrie Bumper Assault (ビクトリーヴァルキリー・バンパー・アサルト, Bikutorī Varukirī Banpā Asaruto) in Japan, stylized as Victory Valkyrie βumper αssault, is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released as a CoroCoro Exclusive Booster in Japan in February 2017.

Energy Layer - Valtryek V2

Main article: Energy Layer - Valtryek V2
Like its predecessor Valtryek, Valtryek V2 is an Attack Type Energy Layer that has three upward slanted wings that are great at Knocking Out opponents, but falls behind its predecessor at giving Bursts. Unlike Valkyrie's teeth, the Japanese release of Victory Valkyrie features teeth that have no problem with wear due to them having greater width, following the model first introduced with Xcalibur. The teeth are also very tall, which makes the Victory Valkyrie Combination able to withstand its own recoil and avoid potential Self-Bursts, which made this Layer a Top-Tier choice for Attack Combinations.

There are also three minor mold variations of Victory Valkyrie:

The first mold had completely hollow wings which made it very fragile and prone to breaking during battle.

The second mold, introduced with the Rich Green Version of Victory Valkyrie, has added bars within the wings for reinforcement. However, despite these reinforcements, this version of the Layer continued to suffer cases of breaks.

The third, most recent mold, introduced in the B-64 Beyblade Super Remodeling Set Heavy Ver., included a reinforced center ring, along with the aforementioned bars within the wings. This not only addresses most of the breakage issues from previous versions, but also causes the Layer to weigh about half a gram more than its first mold variation. As such, it is advised to find a third generation mold of Victory Valkyrie because of its increased weight and durability, though the first and second versions will suffice if one is prepared to replace them.

Forge Disc - Bumper

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Bumper features a cuboidal design, akin to the mineral Bismuth, with numerous gaps in each square. Due to these gaps, Bumper is very lightweight and ill-suited for KO Defense or Attack and the rough perimeter makes it ill-suited for Stamina as well due to its poor Life After Death. While the light weight can bolster Burst resistance, other Forge Discs such as Knuckle can do the same with greater Stamina.

Performance Tip - Assault

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Assault is a wider version of Accel. It is a flat-based Performance Tip and is the same height as all previous Performance Tips released in the Beyblade Burst series. The top of the Driver features a symbol called alpha (α, the first letter of the Greek alphabet) which represents "αssault", for easy recognition between other Performance Tips. While Bladers commonly spell it as Assault, the use of the α in the official spelling ensures that the one-part-per-letter rule gets followed in the Burst System, instead of doubling the As.

Assault performs like a standard flat tip, but it is just much faster around the stadium compared to previous releases because of its tip's wider circumference. The enhanced speed makes Assault great for Attack Combinations, but this comes with sacrifices of control of the Beyblade. Due to the speed this Driver produces, it makes it a lot harder to pull off a flower pattern by Banking or performing a Sliding Shoot. As such, it is mostly only good at defeating Mobile Combinations that wander close to the Tornado Ridge, which it follows wildly once it catches onto it. The larger surface of contact's higher friction also comes at the expense of lower Stamina, with Assault losing spin velocity earlier than smaller flat tips and delivering mediocre hits by the time it reaches the center of the stadium.



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