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Valtryek V2 Limited Unite, known as Victory Valkyrie Limited Unite (ビクトリーヴァルキリー・リミテッド・ユナイト, Bikutorī Varukirī Rimiteddo Yunaito) in Japan, is a Balance Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on July 16th, 2016 for 900円 as one of eight possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 3 Yaeger Yggdrasil.G.Y and was later released in western countries as a Single Pack.

Energy Layer - Valtryek V2

Main article: Energy Layer - Valtryek V2
Like its predecessor Valtryek, Valtryek V2 is an Attack Type Energy Layer that has three upward slanted wings that are great at Knocking Out opponents, but falls behind its predecessor at giving Bursts. Unlike Valkyrie's teeth, the Japanese release of Victory Valkyrie features teeth that have no problem with wear due to them having greater width, following the model first introduced with Xcalibur. The teeth are also very tall, which makes the Victory Valkyrie Combination able to withstand its own recoil and avoid potential Self-Bursts, which made this Layer a Top-Tier choice for Attack Combinations.

There are also three minor mold variations of Victory Valkyrie:

The first mold had completely hollow wings which made it very fragile and prone to breaking during battle.

The second mold, introduced with the Rich Green Version of Victory Valkyrie, has added bars within the wings for reinforcement. However, despite these reinforcements, this version of the Layer continued to suffer cases of breaks.

The third, most recent mold, introduced in the B-64 Beyblade Super Remodeling Set Heavy Ver., included a reinforced center ring, along with the aforementioned bars within the wings. This not only addresses most of the breakage issues from previous versions, but also causes the Layer to weigh about half a gram more than its first mold variation. As such, it is advised to find a third generation mold of Victory Valkyrie because of its increased weight and durability, though the first and second versions will suffice if one is prepared to replace them.

Forge Disc - Limited

Main article: Forge Disc - Limited
Limited features a diamond shaped design akin to Force. Due to this similar shape, Limited can function identically to Force, but the same factors prevent the Disc from being effective in tournament play. The first is the shape as there are few Layers that benefit from the weight distribution, the second is the small size and thus light weight of the Disc which limits the weight it does distribute.

Performance Tip - Unite

Main article: Performance Tip - Unite
Unite features a flat rubber tip with a sharp plastic tip in the center, akin to the Coated Sharp Performance Tip of Metal Fight Beyblade, that sits at the standard height. When launched straight down into the stadium, the sharp tip in the center will keep the Beyblade stable and still in the center, preventing Stamina loss.

When a mint condition Unite is either knocked off balance by an opponent or launched at an angle, the rubber will make contact with the stadium, creating an aggressive movement pattern with speeds similar to Xtreme. However this aggressive movement is somewhat unreliable as the sharp center can slow it down in the center of the stadium or stop the movement entirely.

When worn however, instead of creating aggressive movement when struck, the rubber will instead act as brakes against a KO, at the cost of Stamina, before going back to the center of the Stadium due to the sharp tip.



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