Valtryek Wing Accel, known as Valkyrie Wing Accel (ヴァルキリー・ウイング・アクセル, Varukirī Uingu Akuseru) in Japan, is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System. It was first released as a DX Starter in Japan on July 18th, 2015 for 2200円 and was later released in western countries as a part of the Valtryek & Unicrest Dual Pack.

Energy Layer - Valtryek

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Valtryek is a triangular Attack Type Energy Layer that features three wings, three small sub-wings in between them. In the center of the Layer is a feathered armored face looking to the left, and a "V" above the face and center, representing the Layer's Japanese namesake; the Valkyrie, Odin's handmaidens of Norse mythology.

For the Takara Tomy release of Valkyrie, it was one of the best Layers for Attack Combinations at the time, excelling in both Burst and KO Attack due to its aggressive shape and the angles of the Layer's wings. Furthermore, the four teeth of Valkyrie are tall in length, which allows it to withstand its own recoil. However, before the release of Xcalibur, like Legend Spriggan and Spriggan Requiem, the teeth of Valkyrie would wear down with use over time. As such, it is best to have multiple copies of this Layer and be prepared to replace it.

Forge Disc - Wing

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Wing features a six-blade design. On the upper side of the Forge Disc, the letter W appears for easy differentiation from other Forge Discs.

The blades of Wing are meant to create Upper Force in Right-Spin and Down Force in Left-Spin. However, the small size of the blades makes any such effect negligible.

Due to its light weight and feeble relief that does not truly come in contact with opponents, Wing disadvantages any Beyblade it is part of.

Performance Tip - Accel

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Accel features a flat plastic tip with a small diameter akin to the Flat Performance Tip from Metal Fight Saga and the Flat Running Core from HMS and sits at a standard height. The center of the Driver also contains an embossed logo featuring a stylized letter A for easy differentiation from other Drivers. Accel performs as a standard flat tip and when launched straight, it catches onto the Tornado Ridge and rapidly circles the stadium, eventually moving closer to the center of the arena when it has less Spin Velocity. Alternatively, if launched with a Sliding Shoot, it will be able to maintain a flower pattern and cross the center of the stadium a few times at high Spin Velocity.

With the introduction of XtremeAccel's usefulness in Attack Combinations has been reduced. Even though it has more Stamina and is a lot more controllable, it has less speed and power in comparison to Drivers like Xtreme and even Hunter. Due to these reasons it is outclassed for Attack Combinations but it is still the second best Driver for Mobile Stamina Combinations, only being outclassed by Zephyr in that Department. Unlike the fragile Zephyr which is known for breakage and denting problems with constant use, Accel does not suffer from such problems. While Zephyr has better Stamina than Accel, due to its fragility issues and the fact that the difference in their performance is negligible, Accel is an excellent substitute for Zephyr.


Takara Tomy

  • Special Ver. - Included in the B-08 Start Dash Set released on July 18, 2015. This version uses a teal blue colour scheme. The stickers remain the same as in the original release.
  • Red Recolour - Included in the B-18 Beyblade VS Battle Set released on October 19, 2015.




Takara Tomy