Victories  (ビクトリーズ, Bikutorīzu) are a team featured in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Dante Koryu
Burst GT E07 Drum and Rock Dragon

Ace Dragon Sting Charge Zan
Glyph Dragon Sting Charge Zan
Rock Dragon Sting Charge Zan
Imperial Dragon Ignition'

Member Active
Arman Kusaba
Amane Kusaba Launch Trailer
Bushin Ashindra Hurricane Keep Ten Member Active
Takane Kusaba
Burst Gachi E01 Takane Kusaba
Bushin Ashindra Hurricane Keep Ten (Borrowed From Arman)
Crash Roktavor 8Bump Yard
Member Active
Ichika Kindo
Burst GT Ichika First Appearance
Archer Hercules Gravity Operate Member Active
Tango Koryu
Burst GT E2 Tango Koryu


Manager and BeyTrainer Active



  • All the members this Bey Club have last names that start with the letter K.
  • As revealed in a flashback, this team used to have many more members until they left for the Spark Devils.
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