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Virgo 100B is a Defense-type Beyblade that can only be found in Random Booster Vol. 2 Legend Pisces.

Face Bolt : Virgo

Facebolt VIRGO BB60 25966.png

The Face depicts "Virgo", Latin for "Virgin" and the sixth astrological sign of the Zodiac. The bolt shows a woman with the hair trailing in the back and appears to be dancing.

Metal Wheel : Virgo

Weight: 37 grams

Virgo is one of the most smooth, circular Wheels currently available. Its circular shape is composed of two large, and long slopes which connect with each other to form the circle; however, despite their appearance, they don't offer any Upper Attack. These properties lend themselves well to Defense, and despite its relatively average weight in comparison to other Wheels, Virgo has found its place among the best Defense-based Wheels currently available. It's new Legend Fusion Wheel is "Night". One very important thing to note is the different mold variations that have been discovered for Virgo. Just looking at the Wheels themselves, it is impossible to tell what the actual difference in the mold is. However, through testing, it has been determined that there is balance issues that Virgo Wheels encounter. Some of them have been reported not having a solo spin time above three minutes while others are able to spin for over five minutes. The disparities between the Virgo Wheels cannot be ignored, so it is encouraged to test your Virgo Wheel by itself before using it in a competitive situation. It will either be classified as a 3 minute mold or a 5 minute mold, based on how long it spins with the bey combo Virgo 100MS.

Attack: 2 - Defense: 2 - Defense: 4

Spin Track : 100


100 is currently the third lowest Track available. Its scrapes the floor less than 85 and 90, but is still overcome easily by tracks like 230 and TH170. It was first released with Lightning L-Drago 100HF. This track is currently outclassed.

Performance Tip : Ball

Ball Tip keeps its grip top steady. When being hit, it maintains its strong grip on the floor and does not slip out of the stadium. However, it is now outclassed by WB (Wide Ball) for its Defense but not its Defense.