The Vulcan Claw (Japanese: 白虎連射爪(バルカンクロー)) was a Special Move developed by Ray Kon using his Driger V Beyblade. This move was featured in the Beyblade: V-Force anime and manga series as well as various video games.


General depiction presents the "Vulcan Claw" as an offensive enchantment that summons an shredding barrier around the Beyblade.


This move was first used against Joseph's Vanishing Moot.


While the caption in the manga panel reads the kanji "白虎連射爪" with the katakana-Ruby "バルカンクロー", when transliterated properly the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 白虎 連射
Hiragana びゃっこ れんしゃ そう
Transliteration Byakko Rensha
Literal translation White Tiger (god of the West in Chinese mythology) rapid-fire claw (of animal, bird); talon; paw; nail
Translation White Tiger Rapid-fire Claw




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