Vulcan Herculeo 130DS is a Balance-type Beyblade only found in Random Booster Vol. 7 Beat Lynx.

Face Bolt: Herculeo

Facebolt HERCULEO BB94 36495

This Face Bolt depicts Hercules, one of the 88 constellations in space. This Herculeo Face has a blue background on it.

Energy Ring: Herculeo


Herculeo has even weight distribution making it a good stamina Energy Ring while still being good for attack. Herculeo has two lion heads to represent Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion. This version is yellow in colour.

Customization: Hyper Herculeo 105/100/90/85GF/XF/WF/F (Attack)

Attack: 3 Defense: 2 Stamina: 2

Fusion Wheel: Vulcan

Metalwheel balkan
  • Weight: 32.38 grams

The Vulcan Fusion Wheel has a total of two semi-circular prominences and two smaller wings painted with two red stripes that give breath to its design. Upon closer inspection, the two prominences have slight slopes that suggest the Wheel's capability of Upper Attack. Despite the fact that these sloped areas are major contact points, they do not provide Upper Attack; however, they do provide Smash Attack. Between the two prominences are the two smaller wings, which are also major contact points.

Having a total of four major contact points suggests the Wheel possesses an incomparable amount of Smash Attack. This Wheel is almost completely identical to the Bull Fusion Wheel, but is heavier and better for attacking. It is the one of the best Attack wheels of all Beyblades. This version was released the normal silver colour with blue stripes instead of red.


MF-H Vulcan Anubis/Byxis/Horuseus H145MF/R2F/RF/MF/XF

Spin Track: 130

  • Weight: 1.29 grams

130 is a Spin Track of high height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130. It is done in a pearl white color.

Attack Customization: MF-Meteo L-Drago 130XF.

Performance Tip: Defense Sharp

Bottom ds img

It is a wide Tip with good Stamina and moderate Defense. It is said that the tip is hollow and it looks more like an extremely wide flat sharp that defense. Even when it is used for a long time, the Tip provides little to no Attack movements. It is great for Defense and Stamina customizations. WD is a better Performance Tip but DS can still be used. DS can also stop when smashed, and it will make some friction. WD is the best, and DS is the second chance if you don't have WD.



Beyblade BB-109 Random Booster Vol

Beyblade BB-109 Random Booster Vol.7 Vulcan Herculeo 130 DS ベイブレード

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