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The Vulcan Power Claw (Japanese: バルカンパワークロー) is the signature Special Move of Driger V2, featured in the Beyblade: V-Force anime series and various video games.


Based upon its presentation in the anime, the Vulcan Power Claw causes the Beyblade to radiate with power and charges the enemy Beyblade for a high-speed smash.

In the Game Boy Advance game series "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!", the Vulcan Power Claw is classified as a Super Finish (Japanese: 超必殺) and summons Driger for a vicious attack as the Beyblade charges at the enemy Bey surrounded by a barrier of blades, thrashing the opponent with innumerable claw strikes.


This move has been featured in various media across the franchise including the "Beyblade: V-Force" anime and in various video games.

In the anime, Ray has only utilized the Vulcan Power Claw twice since receiving Driger V2 Beyblade. The move officially debuted in anime during Beyblade: V-Force - Episode 40, but wasn't referred to by name until Beyblade: V-Force - Episode 48 in Ray's match against Gordo and his Orthros.



  • Despite upgrading to Driger V2 in the manga, Ray never developed a signature move for it.
  • In Episode 48, Ray deployed the Vulcan Power Claw, but unlike its debut, it lacked any special effects such as the red glow.