The Vulcan Power Claw (Japanese: バルカンパワークロー) is a Special Move developed by Ray Kon using his Beyblade Driger V2. This move was featured in the Beyblade: V-Force anime series and various video games.


Based upon its presentation in the anime, the Vulcan Power Claw summons the Bit-Beast Driger, causing the Beyblade to radiate with power as it charges the enemy Bey for a powerful upper attack. The action also features Driger thrashing the enemy Bit-Beast with heavy slashes from its powerful claws.

In the Nintendo Game Boy Advance game series "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!", the Vulcan Power Claw is classified as a Super Finish (Japanese: 超必殺) Special Move and summons the Bit-Beast Driger when activated for a vicious attack thrashes the enemy Bey with innumerable claw swipes as the Beyblade continues the assault surrounded by a barrier of blades.


This move has been featured in various media across the franchise including the "Beyblade: V-Force" anime and in various video games.

In the "Beyblade: V-Force" anime, Ray has only utilized the Vulcan Power Claw twice since receiving the Driger V2 Beyblade. The move would make a total of two (2) appearances with its officially debut in Beyblade: V-Force - Episode 40, followed by its second (and final) appearance in Beyblade: V-Force - Episode 48 during Ray's match against Gordo and his Blizzard Orthros.



  • Despite upgrading to Driger V2 in the Beyblade manga, Ray never used this, or any, attack.
  • In Episode 48, Ray deployed the Vulcan Power Claw, but unlike its debut, it lacked any special effects such as the red glow.


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