The WBBA (World Beyblade Battle Association) is the successor to the now-defunct BBA. Unlike the BBA. Currently, the WBBA is only active in Japan.

Logo of the WBBA.


It is an association being run by Takara Tomy to promote Beyblade: Metal Fusion by hosting tournaments and giving away prizes to Beybladers who achieve a certain amount of points using the Beypointer.

WBBA shops can be found in numerous Japanese toy stores. These give access to a Bey Ta 1 arcade machine, which allows players to test their Beyblades and win prizes.


  • The WBBA logo is seen in the back of the Metal Fight Beyblade logo.
  • On July 14, 2011, the WBBA hosted its first tournament in the United States at every Toys "R" Us in the country.


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